Dallas, Texas – Day 2: Getting around

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Sunday 7th April

5 hours sleep. That’s all had that night. Time difference is always difficult to get used to when you’re in a country so far away from your own. I called out to Miss Pinky who was sleeping upstairs. Yes upstairs. We were in an apartment! I was very proud of myself for booking this place. Very different to all the places I have been to so far. So we sat around for an hour or so watching morning Dallas TV. Pretty boring for a Sunday. Miss Pinky was complaining how the Americans liked to talk about weather in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius at this point… ¬_¬””

Next we decided to go for breakfast. It was a free breakfast buffet at the Hawthorne Suites, but we had as little as possible. Although I had two coffees… Very nice filter coffee. You can make your own waffles too… Unfortunately there wasn’t a great choice of food items (go for the cereals if you must)!
Breakfast at the Hawthorne Suites

In the dining area of the Hawthorne Suites

The filter coffee was great…!
We wanted to change the rest of our British Pounds as we thought the rates would be better in Dallas (we thought wrong – more like Miss Pinky thought wrong). So we tried to get a shuttle to Love Field airport (however we found out later that they don’t have a currency exchange there). Unfortunately there was no shuttle available that day, so we got a taxi. It was the same driver from the night before! Cool!! 😀 He took us to a Walmart first as we needed groceries. And yes, we had a kitchen too!! 😀 Mr Bear said to me before we went on this holiday that he hoped Miss Pinky knows that Walmart is just another version of the UK supermarket ASDA… (I don’t think she knew as she wanted to go there EVERYDAY!). Walmart is massive! 🙂 Prices are great too. We even met a police officer from Chicago who was very nice to us and a guy from Nottingham, UK who was living around there.
At Walmart

Inside Walmart

Loads of fruits

Loads of cakes!

Big bottles of wine!

And a lot of beers that Miss Pinky wanted to try out!!
We did some massive grocery shopping. Over US $96 including tax (approx. £68)… Spent too much!! But we needed to. Next we went to Love Field airport but as I said there’s no currency exchange at this airport so we eventually went back to the Dallas International Airport which is also a massive airport! Currency exchange was very low at the time. That’s not good if you’re on a budget… 😦
DFW airport
Now it was back to the apartments! Then for a walk around the area… In Dallas, people don’t seem to like to walk around. There’s hardly any pavements from where we were. People were in cars or trucks or lorries. So I bet those drivers thought we were crazy people walking around. I don’t care… However we ended up in McDonald’s. I really wanted to experience the difference between the US and the UK one. There isn’t much difference. Just a different size system and different burgers… Miss Pinky didn’t enjoy her burger. Too much going on in the burger for her she said. She didn’t even like the look of my one. Steak (burger) and mushrooms always mix together! You see them in restaurants all the time. Miss Pinky, as you may know by now, is a real fussy eater!!
Walking around Inwood

American flag and advert signs

My Angus Steak burger with mushrooms

I think I forgot to take a pic of Miss Pinky’s burger… but here’s her drink

Inside McDonald’s

I prefer the way the UK makes it! The chocolate is supposed to be all over the sundae pot
It was back again to the apartments. And because it was a Sunday, there isn’t much to do in Dallas. So we watched TV. A lot of TV. Miss Pinky is a TV addict!!! I have to say Undercover Boss is a great emotional show by the way! 😀 … Had the rest of my Chinese food from the night before for dinner… And then I started blogging!! 🙂

End of Day 2.

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