Dallas, Texas – Day 6: Fair Park

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Thursday 11th April

Gosh. Time flies when you’re having fun and a very relaxing time!! It’s already day 6 into our holiday, and I felt like we hadn’t done enough on this trip. It felt a little different to our short holidays because this time we had so much time on our hands… 😀

On this day both of us woke up late. Well, Miss Pinky had her TV on loud the night before, and we both didn’t sleep until after 1 am Dallas time!! ¬,¬”

Miss Pinky wanted to find out some tours we could go on. Her energy levels seemed to have revived after yesterday’s short trip around the area. And she said she didn’t spend any money. I am actually impressed because usually Miss Pinky would have spent all her holiday money by now. Thank you mother nature for the rain!! 😀

So we went on a bus journey by taking the bus 526 again up to Inwood / Love Field Station. Then I saw a bus 39 going towards Downtown, so we jumped onto that bus which seemed to have taken us back towards McKinney, which is the road before West Village and where we had sat down and had loaded chips… and got slightly drunk! Wow. So now we don’t have to rely on shuttles, trains or taxis!! The bus 39 took us through Cedar Springs. This place seemed like a posh area of Dallas. It was like going through Docklands on a nice sunny day. The last stop is West End Bus Station, then the bus goes back towards Inwood / Love Field Station. It’s funny how the buses in Dallas run on a circular route (as I have mentioned in my previous post). I like the Dallas bus routes as you will never get lost – this is what Miss Pinky would say. But the bus times are not that great as they run hourly during non-peak times (at this point I had missed London transport!).

Anyway, we went back to the Tourist Centre to check on other tours. Not much going on, but Miss Pinky found two she wanted to go to… ¬_¬ … One of them didn’t get my approval and thankfully we did not go to it…!! Then one of the guides at the centre advised us on where to go to, but we had been to most of them already, and we didn’t want to disappoint him, so we had just let him carry on with the information about Dallas’s tourist sites. And then finally he mentioned about Fair Park! That’s a place where we haven’t been to yet!! But before we jumped onto the Green Line heading towards Bruckner we stopped off at the West End Aquarium Center just to check out the prices really. It’s a bit expensive for my liking…

We got to Fair Park. Then we almost got lost because the map wasn’t too clear. It didn’t show where The Women’s Museum was on the map that was given to us at the tourist centre!! I then asked a gentleman who kindly pointed out that we needed to go through the entrance around the corner leading to The Women’s Museum and then we would find the other attractions… Oooooh. That could’ve been pointed out in the map!!
Fair Park Station – pretty on a nice sunny day!! 😀

Star of Dallas – go pass this and you will see the attractions at the site

The Women’s Museum

We looked around. It is a gigantic place to explore! I felt like we were the only tourists around, but we spotted another two tourists, and then we saw some other people around.

Someone’s boat…???

Statues representing the gods and goddesses I believe


Another museum

Some cops having a gathering before they get to work

Mini Statue of Liberty in Dallas?!

Ghost town…

Unfortunately the fair ground or the stadium were not opened. It looked like they were rebuilding a few things before the summer starts… Not sure when it’ll be open to be honest! Maybe May time…

The Fair Ground

Cotton Bowl Stadium

Then we walked a bit more, and finally we went out of the place via a back entrance, and looked for a place to eat… 

Beautiful scenery ^_^

Duck boats!

Seahorse statues

The Science Place

Wanted to try out Jack in the Box. I think I heard about the place from somewhere and wanted to try their food out.

Jack in the Box in Fair Park

Inside Jack in the Box

Miss Pinky had a steak burger with burnt curly fries. Miss Pinky said she has had better junk food than this… Not up to her standards I believe. She would’ve given this place 2/5 I believe!

Hmmmm…. Not good food…

And I had the Chicken Teriyaki bowl with an egg roll and a banana smoothie. Mine was ok. Sauce was a bit too sweet for me though…

Chicken teriyaki and an egg roll

My geeky rating for Jack in the Box: 1/5

Finally we made our way back to the train station. We just missed a train, so we had to sit and wait. By the way, Miss Pinky hates me for being right, because we almost took the wrong train at the wrong platform going in the wrong direction… Hmmmm… (^_^)v

Got back to West End. We needed to find a few groceries before heading back so we went into CVS and 7Eleven, but both don’t sell loaves of bread or other stuff we needed… Hmmm, it’s really hard to find a grocery store in Dallas that’s if you don’t have a car to go to the bigger stores! I’m happy that in London that you can find loads of grocery stores and supermarkets and markets easily than in Dallas. Anyway, we were advised by a customer in 7Eleven to go to City Place where there’s a Walmart (we’ll go there another time)… I think she said it was closed at that time we were around… but it wasn’t. It’s opens 24 hours!

In the end we went back to the Suites via bus, ate dinner in the dining area again (it was better – fried chicken, unseasoned mash potatoes and sweetcorn ¬_¬””) and then we watched a lot of TV! American TV is ok in the evening… Not so much medical stuff or weird adverts…

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