Dallas, Texas – Day 7: Uptown/City Place and Charlie’s Bar

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Friday 12th April

Day 7 started late… What? Again?! Well this time it was me who woke up late not Miss Pinky, so she made breakfast! Heheh.

On this day we were determined to find the big superstore Walmart that we first went to on Day 2. So we took two bus journeys. The 404 which is near our normal 526 bus stop, and this took us all the way to Parkland Station… Then we were advised to take other buses around the area… Basically we got lost. But eventually we took the 527 bus… And we still couldn’t find it. The bus took us back to the train station. May I just point out that the bus drivers don’t know the areas very well, so don’t ask them questions. It’s best to ask the locals who the know everything that goes on!! But some of the locals don’t even know the area… 😛

We gave up. So we went to the one in City Place. We took the train (orange line) and stopped off at Uptown / City Place. We realised we were back in West Village!!!! Hahahahah. 

Uptown / City Place Station

We asked a lady where the Walmart was. And yay!! Someone knew where there was a supermarket!! It looked far and Miss Pinky wanted to take the bus… Seriously it wasn’t far! A 10 minute walk. This one is a small grocery one, not the superstore, and isn’t what we had wanted. It’s opened 24 hours. The lady advised us to go back towards the inside of the station, crossover, then take the bus 36… So we waited…

Walmart looks far…!!

When we got there Miss Pinky wanted to eat before we shopped, so we walked all the way back down to Uptown Station…

…and surprisingly we passed by a memorial for black slavery. Ooooh interesting!! ^_^ This place is called Freedman’s Memorial…

Inside Freedman’s Memorial

We then ate at a steakhouse. Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse. There were only a few diners at that time. It was around 3 or 4 pm. But it seemed people got takeouts from there rather than eat in. 

Big sign for Texas Land & Cattle

Looking out from where we sat… didn’t smell any car fume like you would in London!

The outside

Nice boots!! ^_^

Menu cover

And we had the following food. I swapped my bacon wrapped scallops with her lobster. I like lobster. And I just knew Miss Pinky wanted my scallops. I also got a free soft drink top too!! Great place! Good food! 😀

Chips and bread

Butter was nice, bread was warm

Sauteed onions

TXLC Sirloin and BBQ Bacon-wrapped Scallops with potato mash – looks small but filling!!

Signature Smoked Sirloin and Lobster Tail  with rice – yummy lobster, plus nice presentation!!

My geeky rating for Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse: 5/5 – quiet, peaceful, friendly people and good food!!

Address: 3130 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Both of us didn’t want to go all the way back to Walmart, so we shopped in Albertson’s. This is an ok grocery store but a little expensive. It was like shopping in Sainsbury’s where everything is expensive!

We then took the M-Line back to St Paul, and took the train back…

So food unpacked, we then went out to look for bars and had ended up in an Italian restaurant (where I had a very good gin and tonic) and then into Charlie’s, which is a block down the road. It’s an all time American bar! Finally we went into one. It looked awkward on the outside, but very much like a bar on the inside. I don’t understand why there are no windows. I guess they are built that way so people from the outside can’t look at the people drinking their lives away… Just a thought…
Inside Charlie’s

Another view of Charlie’s

The people in Charlie’s were awesome. Very much a homely sort of bar where the locals drink and where they have a good time. It was karaoke night by the way, and Texans can really sing!! I was amazed at these people’s singing… However, Miss Pinky had trouble with one customer who was already drunk and swore at her whilst I was in the loo… Miss Pinky panicked and wanted to go home. But a couple of the regulars saved the day and convinced Miss Pinky to stay.

Miss Pinky had wanted to try a beer in a jug like this!!

One of the regular customers paid for our drinks and cab!! OMG. She didn’t have to do that, but she is a lovely person who can really sing…!! 😀

Here’s a mix video of the people singing that night. I just want to say thank you to the people at the bar who made our trip a memorable one!! Miss Pinky and I had a great time, and it’s a shame we didn’t go back for shots… Maybe in the future if we return. ^_^

The girl at the end of the video paid for our drinks and cab… Shocking!! 😀 Happy to return the favour if she comes to London. 😀

Address: 1820 W Mockingbird Ln Ste 28, Dallas, TX 75235, United States

The night ended very late for us… 2 am to be exact… Then we went to sleep around 3 am… YAWN!!! 

End of Day 7 (and it was the start of day 8). 😀

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