Dallas, Texas – Day 9 – A trip to Walmart Supercenter

Sunday 14th April
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I forgot to mention in the previous post that I was given a fortune cookie, it said

“Tomorrow you will find the item you have been searching for.”. 

Wow! So before I went to sleep the night before I quickly looked up where and how we could get to that Walmart that we first went to. I thank Google maps and free wi-fi (plus pictures I took of shops nearby) for finding the bus route!! So I told Miss Pinky. I think we left after 12 or 1 pm or maybe it was around 2 pm to find it…

We took the 526 towards the station and then changed for the bus 529. I put my hand out for the bus to stop and I think I was waving to Miss Pinky who was sitting in the sun to hurry up to get the bus because the station is not its last stop. The bus could drive away without you Miss Pinky and then we would have had to wait again!! 😛 The bus driver thought I was crazy but she was a lovely person who seemed to have known that we wanted to go to the shopping area!! 😀 Lovely woman who seemed to know the area better than the other drivers we have met on our journey in Dallas… Fortune cookie was right!
We looked around the area first. So our first main stop was Sam’s Club. This is a supermarket where you bulk shop like in Lidl’s and Aldi. Unfortunately you have to be a member to shop there… 😦 But that was kind of good for us because that meant more spending in Walmart. 😀
Sam’s Club – You MUST be a member
Finally we went into Walmart, and we spent some money on clothes and chocolates for people back home! We’ll be back again!!
Bus number to Walmart Supercenter from Inwood / Lovefield Station: 529! 
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Stop at: Marsh Lane at Almazan Drive, then crossover at the traffic lights.
Address: 9410 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, Texas 75220, United States
Didn’t do much in the evening… Sat around and did nothing… I was just blogging, but then suddenly we went out for a walk around the area. Miss Pinky and I saw something typical that you would see in American TV programmes and films… a thief stealing a bag of crisps and the owner of the shop had come out with a stick running towards the thief, but the thief got away… :S I was quite afraid… And then as Miss Pinky and I were walking back, a guy was holding a box of iced beer. Miss Pinky wanted to buy alcohol, and the guy was willing to sell his beer. He offered it for US $7 and she paid US $10 ¬,¬”” … Well… Americans are really nice when it comes to alcohol!! 😀
Brookriver Drive…

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