Dallas, Texas – Day 10: Post Office, Malai and Walmart again!

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Monday 15th April 

Day 10 was an early start compared to the other days. Yay! We first went to the post office in St Paul (it’s just around the corner from St Paul station) as I needed to post a postcard to my friend in Canada who likes receiving these kinds of things from countries her friends go to for holidays… (Not sure if she got it…).
Wow, the post office we went into which I pictured the outside of during the other day (day 3 post) was so eerie inside. It was like going into a building of ancient times of Dallas.
Roof of post office

One of light bulbs

Eerie hallway!

Nice painting

Next it was again another trip to West Village via the M-Line Trolley. We went into GAP, then ate in Malai, a Thai / Vietnamese restaurant. This place was quite reasonably priced and I wanted the Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef and noodle soup).

Outside Malai

So first off, we started off with the mussels which was cooked in a white wine sauce. This was delicious and served with some bread, but the sauce was bit too runny for our liking. We also had a complimentary rice parcel with some curry type of paste.

Bread and mussels

Rice parcel and curry paste

Next was Miss Pinky’s Panang Curry Duck costing US $17 (approx. £11). Pretty expensive dish! But the duck was tender, and the rice portion was small, but the peanuts were a bit too much for her.

Panang Curry Duck

I had of course the Pho Bo – the large bowl (there’s the small bowl option too). Hm. The soup was ok, but a bit too sweet for me. It wasn’t like the one I had in London (Café Mama Pho). I expected a beefy stock, less coriander and a very Vietnamese taste. It wasn’t the greatest pho I have had (even the instant pot pho that I buy tasted much better than this to be honest). The noodles weren’t consistent enough as I saw some thick and thin noodles. But the beef was great. Nice and tender, and easy to chew on. That was the only bit I had enjoyed.

Pho Bo

It was strange to see a complimentary Chinese fried dough given to us… Chinese people mainly eat this with congee! Not as a side dish!!

Fried dough

We then had a banana pudding which we shared. I liked the glazed banana, chocolate and cream but not the pudding. It was too salty for me… Yeek.

Banana Pot de Creme

Well service was ok, they talk too quick for me to understand, and they go through the specials way too quickly. Miss Pinky had to ask about the fish special again!

Total cost came to US $49.80 (I think… approx £32)… Miss Pinky and I were arguing about the bill because I didn’t listen to her say she was going to pay the majority of it since her dish was expensive.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5. Not the best pho I have had I’m afraid. Meat is all good though…

Address: 3699 McKinney Ave #319 Dallas, TX 75204, United States
Website: http://www.malaikitchen.com/

Next we wanted to go to Walmart to do some final supermarket shopping. It was a long trip, and I think I got sunburn because of it!! But first off we had stopped at Uptown Pub before we took the tram and bus. They have free wifi. Plus they have some nice seating outside… This was when heard about the Boston bombing… how sad it was on that day…
Looking out from Uptown Pub

Next we waited for the free tram for a very long time. Got onto it, then came off it as we saw the bus 39 bus-stop… It was late by a good 10 minutes! But thankfully the bus driver stopped for us as we had stood by the tram stop to go a different route! What a long afternoon… Then it was another bus trip to get to Walmart!!

Walmart really had amazed me. They sell hospital scrubs. They even sell Hello Kitty ones!!!! I wanted one just for fun, but resisted!!! 😀 No wonder people walk around in scrubs along the streets of Dallas!
Hello Kitty scrubs!!!

Finally we went back, and I took a picture of the sun just starting to set by South Western Medical Center… This medical center is so big. I think you could easily get lost in it!!

Sunset at South Western Medical Center

And I also took a pic of this eerie looking bar with no windows… American bars always look so dark inside! It must really get hot out there!! Miss Pinky said it looked like a hole in the wall kind of place… ¬,¬””

Princes Bar

Then we had dinner at the hotel… It was pizza again :S