Dallas, Texas – Day 12: Fort Worth, Stockyards, Drinking and UNO

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Wednesday 17th April

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Blimey! Why didn’t we decide to come to Fort Worth earlier?! I have no idea why. Miss Pinky had actually wanted to go on a Medieval Times night out on this day… ¬_¬”” Is she serious? We came all the way to Dallas to go on a Medieval night? I think she knew I didn’t want to go… But thankfully when we went to get more information about the TRE trains she suddenly changed her mind. Yay!!

Started early! Yay to that too!! ^_^

We took the bus to train station as usual (I felt so familiar with the Inwood area that I almost thought I was living there!). We hadn’t realise that you could actually purchase a regional pass on the bus as well as at the station which we didn’t know. Thanks to the driver we actually saved US $2.50!! 😀 A regional pass takes you through to Dallas International Airport. You can also use it on DART trains and buses.

We stopped at Victory Station and changed for the TRE train, which is the black line. We didn’t know which end to get on at…And some of the people there didn’t know either… Strange. One thing that’s really different in Dallas is that they hardly have any train staff at the stop. You really have to rely on the public and some bus drivers (not all).
Victory Station

TRE train
The journey takes about 35-40 minutes to get to ITC Fort Worth Station, which is the main tourist site! Not bad.
TRE means Trinity Railway Express
Then we took a bus. We asked the driver to tell us where to get off in Downtown, but she was too busy talking… And we ended up far, far away… So we got on another bus back thanks to the driver who stopped the other bus in front. But Miss Pinky saw a cowboy like town, so we stopped off and told the driver we’ll go back into town later…

The place we stopped at is called Stockyards! It’s like a tourist part about cowboys and ranches. This is what Miss Pinky had really wanted to see throughout the whole journey! We should’ve done some research earlier… Too busy with our working and home lives though!! ¬,¬””
An art gallery in Stockyards

A street in Stockyards

A Saloon not a Salon!

Woohoo!! Stockyards!!
Miss Pinky and I got to sit on a bull for 5 bucks each too! The bull was a sweet male bull. Thankfully he didn’t go beserk on me. (^_^)v
Sit on a bull for US $5

The bull we sat on… CUTE! ^_^

Cute bull

The other bull

Inside the tourist centre bit
It was time for lunch and we had it at Riscky’s Bar.B.Q. I did not like the food one bit. It was disgusting stuff for me!! 😦 I threw a Miss Pinky, and did not eat all my food… That’s so not like me to do so!!! I always eat my food even if it looks disgusting. But I think it was because we sat outside, there were flies, and the plate was massive.
Stockyards shopping area

Outside Riscky’s
First off was my horrible fried gherkins. I really didn’t know they were going to be put into batter. It was so salty I squirted a lot of ketchup over it. Probably ate one-fifth of this! Yeek!! 😦
Salty fried gherkins
We decided to have the US $14 (approx. £9) meal with 2 meats, fries and whatever came with it! But the waitress tried to convince us to take the 3 meats for an extra dollar. I should have stuck with 2 meats. Miss Pinky convinced me to take the beef ribs for her to try out. And they were massive! Didn’t like the seasoning unfortunately. Enjoyed the fried catfish and battered prawns… and the coleslaw was ok…

Miss Pinky had 3 meats too, but had to take some of it away. She had smoked catfish, pork ribs and beef brisket!

There was so much on the plate. Didn’t like it. Didn’t finish it. Plus we found it was not the service we had liked…

My geeky rating on Riscky’s (for my part): 1/5… Miss Pinky would probably rate this a 3/5 … Yeek.

Website: http://www.risckys.com/

Afterwards we looked around Stockyards. 

Woody (^_^)v

OOOOO… Looks creepy!!

A cow with lipstick 😀

Are you bored cowboy?

Painting of two famous stars from a film… can’t remember the name of the film!
Website for Stockyards: http://www.fortworthstockyards.org/

And then finally we took the bus back to Downtown. We had a good look around Downtown.

On the day we were there they were preparing for a festival which was starting the next day. So there were a lot of tents set up. Unfortunately we didn’t go. But I’m sure it was fun over there!! 😀
Music stage

abc news8 van ^_^

J.F. Kennedy statue

Fort Worth Arts Festival flag

Painting of bulls on the back of one building – cool!!
We sat in two bars and had a few drinks (I had diet cokes and a gin and tonic) before moving on. 
Miss Pinky’s beer from the first bar

Samuel Adams – the second bar we went into

This was all hand made in Samuel Adams!
We then took another bus back to the station to find out when the last train was. And so I took some pics of the station area…
An old train on display

Inside Fort Worth Station

A memorial wall for black slavery
Then we took another bus back into Downtown again. This time we got off the right stop, but before we got off, there were many cones on the road. The people that had put them there didn’t even bother to move them out of the way when cars were passing by. We saw a lady get out of her car just to move one. Our bus driver then decided to knock those cones over (from passenger’s encouragement)! Hahahahah. I would have done the same thing. The cones were there because of the festival I think! 
The guys in front didn’t bother to move the cones!!!!
I even took a pic of the cone – Miss Pinky was trying to pull it out from under the bus ¬,¬””… Passengers must have thought we were was crazy… But they don’t know I blog! Hah!
The cone that got stuck underneath the bus XD
We found a lounge bar afterwards and had a cocktail. I had a “pretty” cocktail glass according to Miss Pinky… I guess I have style even though I don’t know what I’m drinking.
A raspberry cocktail
And Miss Pinky had this. 😀
I can’t remember what was in this 
Then we moved on to find food! We did not want steak, hamburgers, pizza or ribs… So we needed to find Italian, Japanese or Indian. It was my choice this time to find somewhere to eat… And then I saw a lady at the window. She was eating pasta at this place called UNO. I wanted pasta. I was deprived of carbs!! :S
Outside UNO

There were a lot of empty tables that night

Pretty lighting!
I had the Rattlesnake Pasta (the large plate, because I was hungry) and Miss Pinky had the Lobster and Shrimp Scampi without the shrimp (the small plate)… Mine was bloody good and spicy. It had a good amount of pasta and cheese. But the pasta was slightly overcooked for me. 
Rattlesnake Pasta
Miss Pinky enjoyed hers even though she had a slight itchiness afterwards… I think she missed having a proper pasta dish!
Lobster and Shrimp Scampi without the shrimp
The manager and co. was talking to us throughout the evening. So we tried to eat and talk at the same time! I find it very difficult to do that! But they are all a friendly bunch at the restaurant. I would like to see an English restaurant try to that… Or at least attempt it… That would probably never happen!!

Then it was dessert time. We had the mini versions of the desserts. So Miss Pinky had the The Granny Smith All American which she thoroughly enjoyed…
The Granny Smith All American
And I had the Uno Deep Dish Sundae. The cookie was a little stuck to the dish… But that was ok!
UNO Deep Dish Sundae
Then it was drinks time… We had lovely waiters especially Ally and a lovely bartender (forgot his name)… Miss Pinky asked the barman to make an apple sour (which he didn’t know how to make so he looked it up in his bible of cockatails. Hah!). He even let me take a picture of him making it!! Hahahahaha!! ^_^
The bartender at UNO

Our apple sours!
He made a snakebite for Miss Pinky and for me a sweet cocktail… ^_^ 
My sweet cocktail ^_^
Here’s Ally and the barman…
Pretend fight!

Awwww 😀
And here’s the lovely manager…
The manager!
My geeky rating: 5/5 for everything!!!! 😀 Such lovely staff and food!!!

Address: 300 Houston Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States

Website: http://unos.com/

It was time to go back… We emptied our bladders, and then we only had a few minutes left before the train came in which I needed to empty my bladder again… Too much drinking!!!!! ¬_¬””
We met a person on the train called Nathan at this point and Miss Pinky decided to sit next to him for some reason. ¬,¬”” He is quite a geeky person like me. He also mentioned there was free wi-fi on the train!! What?! Amazing!! He made our journey go quite fast as he was trying to talk to us about Dr Who and other British TV… ^_^

Finally we got back to Victory Station to change for the local train and then I took these lovely pics of the evening. 😀
Dallas at night

American Airlines building

Not sure what building with the flashing ball on top is called
Plus on the downside we heard an old lady talking to Nathan who said there was an explosion in West Texas… That was the one in Waco… I was quite thankful that we were hardly near there! Dallas to Waco is the distance from London to Bournemouth, which is like a 2 hour train trip or a 3-4 hour coach ride (Mr Bear looked that up for me when I went back to work). So sad to hear this… My friends in London were quite concerned! It looks like bad luck happens when I’m always on holiday!!

We all parted ways at Inwood / Love Field Station… Miss Pinky and I hardly argued on this journey!! Incredible!!

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