Dallas, Texas – Day 13: Bored

Thursday 18th April

Not much happened on this day even though it was our last full day in Dallas… It was pretty much a boring day of packing, laundry and sitting around…

When I did my laundry, which took me a while… I forgot to press the start button for the dryer… Wasted a dollar!! Klutz!! 🙂 Actually wasted a couple of dollars because I thought I bought washing powder. But I didn’t. It was one of those bounce fragrance things you put in the dryer… I think reception may have thought I was a trouble-maker… Heheheh ¬,¬”” Whoopsie!!

We suddenly went out for a walk around Inwood. Miss Pinky had a cold and she wanted to try out some fried chicken from Church’s Chicken but it was closed due to a power failure, so we were destined to eat food from Jack In The Box… Yuck!! The breakfast stuff actually looked horrible… it’s served all day. Miss Pinky’s pancakes were ok… She liked hers.
Pancakes, sausage and eggs from Jack in the Box
But my waffle sandwich… Bleuh!! Hash brown was ok though…
My breakfast from Jack in the Box
My geeky rating for breakfast food at Jack in the Box: 2/5

And here’s just a last minute walkabout picture…

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