Dallas, Texas – Day 14: An almost nightmare journey home

Friday 19th April – Final, Final Day!!

First we got up early. I had thought we were going to have breakfast at reception, but we didn’t go… That was good because I didn’t really want to eat the food there… We had already booked the shuttle for 9 am that morning, and so we was all ready to go!!

We got to Love Field airport within 10 minutes! Hawthorne Suites is THAT close to the local airport!! We could’ve walked it Miss Pinky  said… ¬,¬” We checked in. Miss Pinky had overweight luggage again. Went through security and sat in the only cafe in the airport where I had a coffee and a not so good tuna salad sandwich and listening to the news about Boston. Miss Pinky had a problem with her luggage, so she had to back to the luggage area. Apparently her padlock was not safe for the flight… How can that be? She flew to Dallas with it on there!!
Inside Dallas Love Field Airport
Suddenly we then heard our flight was cancelled. What?! Not again… This happened when we was in Dublin but that was with BA!! Reason for this flight cancellation: bad weather conditions around Houston. ¬,¬ This isn’t funny!!

We had to change our entire flight plan and had to go to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport… At least we won’t be in Houston Airport. ¬,¬” This flight was going to Newark Airport, then from there we would get our connecting flight to London. We took a taxi from Love Field with another person who was supposed to take the same flight… Unfortunately I think we were cheated with the taxi fare, because the driver forgot to put his meter on, and charged us US $25 each person!!! Huh?!! Blimey! Not taking that taxi ever again! 😛

We checked in AGAIN! Flight to Newark was cancelled AGAIN – so it was another FLIGHT CHANGE AGAIN! How many flight changes do we need?!!! Not impressed UNITED Airlines!!!
At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

I like this poster!! Reminds me of the courses I have been going on…!!
Miss Pinky then had something to eat. Some sort of Chinese food. Seriously, Dallas doesn’t have the greatest Chinese food I’m afraid… 😦
Miss Pinky had food from here

Doesn’t look like Chinese food… Fusion food maybe?!
It was then time to board the flight. The guy who was calling out for us to board shouted at the flight number rather than the flight time… Confusing!! Before boarding, a lot of people were surrounding the area because this flight was a cancelled flight and then replaced with another flight for a later time. 

We sat in very comfortable seats. It was probably one of the best flights throughout the trip. But the bad thing about this flight are the TV screens, you had to pay to view on this very short flight. I fell asleep for a few seconds with my earphones plugged in. But I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards because I was hungry! I purchased a Thai Tortilla Wrap for US $7 I think (approx. £5). Yes purchased! No freebies on this flight. What the heck..! We also had TV screens at the back of the seat, but we had to pay to watch a film… So I sat there listening to my music. I think this was a type of flight like easyJet. You had to pay for everything. UNITED flights are not really consistent are they?!! No. They are not!! 
Sky, clouds and plane wing from the first flight back home

My food – it had a lot of vegetables in it!
We landed in Newark 2-3 hours later… I didn’t realise we were going to be in the New York area because I didn’t know where Newark is. But I knew we were heading for the East Coast of America… And I saw the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty from the air! ^_^ Need a closer look in the nearest future!!

As soon as we got off, we headed towards our next gate to see if it was the one we were supposed to be at. It was! Yay!! No flight cancellations there. Then before that, we ate at Wok and Roll, which is in Terminal C around the food court. I had sushi and dumplings. The people there spoke in Cantonese. I was so happy! 😀 I think the guy on the other side was also happy!!
Sushi and dumplings from Wok and Roll!!! Yay!!! Proper food!!! ^_^

Wok and Roll in the back
I was looking at Ben and Jerry’s, and I really wanted ice cream. I think the service in this place wasn’t great but they tried… It’s because I didn’t know what to order…
My chocolate ice cream… I was now satisfied!
Then it was time to fly again. We weren’t seated together for some reason and we hadn’t realise we were in separate seats. There was an empty seat next to me, but the other lady at the end seemed to have hogged that middle seat so I didn’t get Miss Pinky to sit with me… Plus the lady in front of me kept sneezing and coughing too… I think Miss Pinky wasn’t able to maneuver much in her seat unfortunately… but she sat next to a nice person who talked with her… This flight was the best out of all the flights because there was a touchscreen TV screen at the back of the seat, which was free of course! However the food was DISGUSTING!! The chicken I had was overcooked. The vegetables were ok. But unfortunately the rice or pasta that came with it was not cooked long enough. It was practically raw. I left it… Didn’t have the breakfast either… Bleuh.
From the second flight
We finally landed! Thankfully the European queue for passport checks was on the quiet side… And then we went home!! 😀

I have missed London public transport!

End of Day 14.

Pointers for staying in Dallas:
1. Have US money changed at any high street exchange place from your home country… It’s hard to find an exchange place in town
2. Purchase a weekly ticket for US $25 (£16). You can sit on DART buses and trains. A regional pass can take you to Fort Worth. Regional day pass costs US $10 (£6.50)
3. Bring sun block and after-sun cream
4. Be smart and dress appropriately for the hot weather
5. Always have change for the laundry
6. Walk as much as possible even when there’s no pavements (sidewalks). Be aware of the way American’s drive and how you should cross the road.
7. Find your local supermarket as soon as you land 😀
8. Take a direct flight… No transfers…!!! 
9. Go to Fort Worth, it’s worth it ¬,¬” … sorry for the pun 😀
10. Remember that there is tax on top of the original price shown on the price tags… Terrible! Even the British have got this one right. Put the total on the price tag!! Makes shopping easier. 😛 (I don’t like working out my taxes!)
11. If you are from London, people around town will ask you about the London Olympics 2012! ¬,¬ I didn’t do much except that I worked throughout the period, and I didn’t have tickets even though I tried to purchase some without success!! It was a bad turnout for some events and the ticketing was badly managed… But traffic was brilliant! No one around… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I did see the Olympic Torch in Stratford…

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