Little Orient 小東方超市 – Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

Isn’t Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre supposed to be knocked down by now? I’m sure there were plans many years ago to close it down and rebuild it…

But anyway, surprisingly Mr Bear spotted this Chinese supermarket one Saturday evening and had informed me when I got back from holiday. My holiday posts have taken a long time to put up so I have only just been able to blog about this now.

Little Orient Supermarket 小東方超市(Canto: siu dung fong chiu si; Mando: xiao dong fang chao shi). This is located on the first floor in Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre. If you’re heading towards the train station, and you use the escalator on the ground floor, you would find it on your right hand side. It’s very noticeable!! (Sorry for some fuzzy pictures… was taking them with my phone).
小東方超市 Little Orient Supermarket
It is a medium-sized store. It is not as big as Longdan Express which is not far from this shop, but they sell items at a very reasonable price!! This is a good Chinese supermarket for people who don’t like compact Chinese stores… It’s quite spacious!! Plus it’s probably good for a first-timer shopping in an Asian store…

There are a few aisles, a few freezers and a small chilled area…

Little small shelves

Loads of special offers available

Lots of dried stuff

There’s a freezer on another side 

Soy sauce is cheap here than it is in other places!!

Small fridge area

Korean and Japanese food items available

It’s not busy yet… But it will be one day I bet!!
I think some of the items are shipped from Singapore such as these noodles…
Loads of pot noodles and noodles at cheap prices

Buy 10 get 1 free XD
They also have some deals for lunchtime. I think people who are not used to Chinese treats should try these!! ^_^
Lunch special

Another lunch special
Some of the items are not very cheap, but it is also good to make a comparison with other Asian stores as I keep saying on these posts. It’s always good to see a new store around with different items.

I bought a lot of items, and I think it was just over £10 or £11. More items for less money. That’s what I like to see. I bought loads of Nissin noodles which was buy 10 get 1 free (I haven’t finished them yet)!! Yeah!! This is my kind of store.
So many items!!!

Singaporean packaging of Nissin noodles

Japanese crackers… Miss Pinky was looking for something similar in Dallas
Mr Bear wanted to go there one Sunday, but unfortunately it was closed. I think they could do with a bit more to the store i.e. more shelving, more items, more fridges and freezers!! 

Good luck Little Orient! ^^ 加油!

Address: Unit 237C, Elephant Castle Shopping Centre, New Kent Road, London SE1 6TE
Nearest Station: Elephant and Castle Station
Buses: Any that go to Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10.00 am – 7.30 pm; Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm

Website: (I’m afraid it’s in Chinese)

4 thoughts on “Little Orient 小東方超市 – Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

  1. Anonymous

    Please choose your groceries carefully when shopping at this place, while the shop is closed, the temperature of the shop is like a sauna, so the food inside is exposed to high extremes of temperature fluctuation, if not careful you can end up with an upset stomach! I did wanted to buy some miso paste to make soup at home, but when I looked at them, some have changed colour, the fresher ones are lighter and obviously the older ones are much darker colour, probably due to the high climax of the store over night.Please do think twice when buying your food from here, its better to be caution than sorry, especially if you are feeding it to young children.


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