New World Restaurant 新世界 – London China Town

It was Sunday. My mother wanted to go out. So we went out. She wanted to pay for my ‘lunch’ (my breakfast really) of noodle soup. I didn’t want noodle soup, so I kind of persuaded and convinced her to go and yum cha at New World Restaurant 新世界 (san sai gaai, lit. New World). I haven’t been in there for many, many years!! I used to go there quite often with my mum and brother when I was a kid, my dad often worked on weekends so he didn’t come along with us (that’s what happens when you’re a Chinese chef. Work very long hours in the old days!!). Meeting my parent’s old friends, grandparents friends and discussing family stories. It was a meet and greet time, plus eating time!
Outside New World Chinese Restaurant

We got there just after noon. The waiter started pouring our tea for us. That’s kind of a new procedure for someone to pour my tea. Usually the waiter would ask what type of Chinese tea we would like, but the waiter didn’t on this occasion! This restaurant serves dim sum on the traditional trolleys which you would see in most Hong Kong restaurants that serve dim sum. In the old days New World Restaurant had mainly Cantonese speakers but nowadays they speak in Mandarin, whereas the waiters/waitresses speak both Cantonese and Mandarin. I’m actually quite happy for going to Mandarin classes now!! But definitely speak slowly for me. I think the lady in the cheung sam (long dress) at the reception desk has been working there for many, many years. I think she even still remembers us! :-S

According to some articles it was closed in 2011 due to hygiene issues, but it still looks the same as always to me. The have seating upstairs if I remember correctly too!!

Pushing a trolley of dim sum

My mother told me not to order stuff that I already can buy frozen i.e. siu maai (pork and prawn dumpling) and haa gau (prawn dumpling). So I ordered all these things… I even took the chicken feet even though I always eat it, but my mother and I both like it!

Not sure what this one is called – I think it’s Steamed pork wrapped in a wonton wrapper

Chicken Feet – sorry for blurry picture!!

Meat Croquette

Spring Rolls

Fried Shrimp Balls

Shrimp Cheung Fun

Stuffed Tofu Skins with Pork

Chinese egg tarts

When you finish asking for the food you want, they will tick the item on a piece of paper that is located on your table.

All of the food was fresh. You could tell that the chicken feet was not store bought as it tasted sweet and not too spicy. However some of the dishes were a bit warm. Not much gas or hot water in those trolleys!!

Total cost came to £29. That’s right £29 for all of that, and I paid too (my mother was supposed to pay though)!! I was stuffed in the very end. I always like cheap, cheap food. 😀 That’s an average of £3.63 per basket / plate. Each basket and plate has their own pricing, but it’s not indicated on the paper that they tick on. So I’m afraid I can’t help you with the pricing here…

My geeky rating: 4/5 (only because some of the food was warm)

Good points:
– Traditional Cantonese or Hong Kong style dim sum dining in London
– Loads of choices and very filling
– Good total price, not sure if this is the cheapest throughout China Town, but it’s very competitive out there!!
– Nice, spacious restaurant

Bad points:
– Some of the food was a bit warm

Address: 1 Gerrard Place, London W1D 5PA
Telephone: 020 7434 2508

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