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Have you got a child who needs a magazine to read? Why not try out SPLAT! Magazine, which you can purchase online via iTunes. It’s currently available for the iPad, and unfortunately I don’t have an iPad… But not worry! I got to use Miss Pinky’s!! Lucky me!! (Don’t ask me how I got to look after it… it’s a long story…). So I logged in using my login details. I know you are thinking – I don’t like Apple and I’m using iTunes… The Apple app is not a problem it’s just the hardware and their ridiculous pricing… But surprisingly the iPad is ok for me! I’m slowly getting into Apple things… Very slowly…

Well, anyway, here’s a few sneak peeks with the owner’s permission of some of the pages he had sent me, (well there are not many sneak peeks, as I would be spoiling it for you!).
Opening the app on the iPad

It is quite interactive with some special buttons on some of the pages that you will need to press to get some sounds or pictures. 

There are some giggly / laughing ones which I thought was very funny in this first magazine!

SPLAT!’s first magazine cover

There’s a page that shows you how to use SPLAT! on the iPad.

Instruction page

The page with the funny laughing and giggly noises ^_^

There are quite a few comics, jokes and some very factual scientific stuff in this magazine. And here’s just one that you can have a quick scan of…

Teenage Mutant Heroe Turtles are still popular!! Wow!!

Find out more facts from http://www.BinWineevils.com

You can also enter competitions and win a few things…

Who can complete that maze?

I love games!

As well all the above there are book reviews, interactive games and wallpapers you can download. So go and have a look!

SPLAT! is mainly aimed for kids who like sci-fi, games and comics. ^_^ So it’s definitely a geeky magazine!! (^_^)b

A second magazine is already out, and hopefully there should be one out later this month!! I think these magazines are not only just for kids (4+) to read and interact with, but they are also for adults who can have a read through… especially if you like comics. 😀 

Here’s SPLAT! Magazine’s press release. This looks like official stuff to me!!

I definitely recommend this magazine if you have bored kids who are playing on the iPad all day long, or who just need something to read. I also hope there will be an Android app soon (as I’m sticking with a new Android phone for another 2 years). Fingers crossed. 😀

And here are the covers of the magazines again. Better quality and courtesy of SPLAT! Magazine. 😀

Website: splat-mag.com

You can also join them on:

Currently only available on iTunes for the iPad.
Cost per magazine: £1.49
Subscription for one year: £15.99

2 thoughts on “SPLAT! Magazine

  1. 😀 It's a great magazine, I never thought I could scroll downwards (which I forgot to mention) on some of the pages giving more information. Your kids will love it! ^_^


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