Boston Baked Beans

I think I’ve been too lazy to eat snacks… Not so true, but yes it’s about time that I started on the rest of these snacky items!

Hmmm… this looked very interesting when I saw them in the supermarket in Dallas. My brain was thinking “I wonder whether these will taste like baked beans, the Boston American style…?”

Nope they don’t. Well, I didn’t expect it to be. They look like baked beans though.

The sugar coat surrounding the peanut tastes are very sweet. And I LIKE IT even if they are artificially flavoured. But they are quite tough to bite into… 

As the coating is tough I had to bite the top to get this next picture!

So after eating several of these, I realised they tasted a bit like cereal, a very sweet one, or like a peanut sweet. They are quite addictive to be honest!

Tasty, tasty beans!! ^_^

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