Lifesavers Mints – Strawberry Apple Flavour

I was quite curious when I saw these “mints” in the supermarket in Dallas. They looked different. 3 flavours in one sweet. When you open the packet, you can instantly smell the apple and strawberry flavour but not much of the mint!
Lifesavers Mints – Strawberry and Apple Flavour
They look like a larger version of Polos, don’t they?! But I think they are supposed to look like those lifeguard rings, you know, those rings that help people when they are about to drown…
Individually wrapped “mints” as it says on the pack
So taste wise, as you pop one into your mouth you get this sour sensation from the apple flavour. Why does everyone make apple flavoured foods so sour! I don’t understand. I like sweet apples. 😦 Then as it slowly dissolves in your mouth you can taste the strawberry flavour, and only a very small hint of mint. It’s all artificially flavoured. 

If you get the chance, try them out… Maybe… ¬,¬””