Reese’s Big Cup

Reese’s is part of the Hershey’s company. And they have started selling their milk chocolate cups in the UK already. When I saw these big cups I thought I must try it out, but hadn’t realised at the time that they are part of Hershey’s… ¬,¬”
Reese’s Big Cup – The King Size 
These are massive. And if you like peanut butter you might like these… You get the saltiness from the peanuts…
They are quite big!
Cupcake size ^_^
Unfortunately if you had my previous post on Hershey’s chocolate, you will know what you’re going to taste. That’s right. There’s a slight sour taste from the milk chocolate. 😦 The peanut butter actually masks it really well at first, but you will eventually get the sour taste in your mouth… Heheheh
Lot’s of peanut butter filling in the centre, but with Hershey’s chocolate surrounding it…
A must try if you haven’t tasted any Hershey’s chocolate or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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