Snickers and Oh Henry! and Butterfinger Crisp

My last post on the snacks I got from Dallas, and what not best to end this with four bars of chocolate. ^_^
I only ate half of all of these, and I guess I will save them for tomorrow or during the week…
My four chocolate bars – not finished (I am not that greedy!)
So the first one is this Butterfinger Crisp. I’ve never come across this before, and thought I have to try it out! When I opened it, I didn’t realise it came in two pieces. It was very tightly packed, and gave the impression of there being only one bar.
Butterfinger Crisp

Two pieces of Butterfinger Crisp
And when I split one piece into two, you will see this wafer biscuit which is covered in chocolate. Looks like a Kit Kat chunky, but there is a big difference to this. The chocolate is not that thick, and the wafer is very sweet, which I think is typical of a Nestle chocolate. It has this nutty taste to it too. I think these are quite nice! And I would buy it again.
A lot of wafer in this!
Next is this chocolate bar called Oh Henry! which is also from Nestle. Mr Bear mentioned this before I had went away, so I thought I must find this one. This also came as a double mini bar.
Oh Henry! Chocolate bar

Single mini bar of Oh Henry!
I’m glad I did! It’s a chocolate bar with caramel with peanuts and fudge in 2 separate layers. This one is not too sweet, and it tastes milk chocolate-ty. The caramel lasts in your mouth which is what I liked from this… A must try!! This makes me wonder who Henry was, and why it’s called Oh Henry! My curiosity streak strikes!
So much caramel!!
Now for these two Snicker bars… I haven’t seen these in the UK before/yet (have they been out here already? … don’t think so). So one is Dark Snickers, and the other is Almond Snickers.

The Dark one is a normal Snickers bar but covered with dark chocolate. ¬,¬ Nothing too special about this really… But it does take a while for the dark chocolate to sink in. It’s not as dark as the chocolate you would find in the UK. So if you don’t like too much bitter dark chocolate you will be happy not to taste in this Snickers bar.
Snickers Dark

It’s not too dark really
But this Almond one is yummy!! Underneath the milk chocolate is a normal Snickers bar filling, but instead of peanuts, there’s almonds. Ummmmmmm. I would definitely want more of these. Very almond-y in taste.
Snickers Almond

Yummy almonds are inside!!
It seems Americans like nutty foods a lot. Most of my posts seem to have something nutty about them! I guess we all like nuts as it contains some nutritional stuff in them as well as being tasty. 😀

Anyway, I hope to review more American type of snacks in the nearest future. (^_^)v