Tokyo Diner 東京ダイナー – London China Town

Ah Tokyo Diner 東京ダイナー. It’s my second time coming to this place, first time I went there was with Miss Money and Mr Games and I think that was in the early 2000’s… And if you have not read the last two posts, my phone is “lost” (to me it has been stolen). So there will be very minimal pictures in this post.

When I first dined here many years ago it was filled with many people. Sometimes I pass there and it’s filled. But on this day that I went, it was a little empty until a bit later. I guess restaurants have their moments of quietness. This place has been in China Town for many years, since 1992 (it’s boasted on their website), and I think they have changed their seating arrangements since then… I remembered the tables used to be tightly squashed together, and you could hardly pass through! I guess someone complained!

Taken on 29/06/2013

My receipt that I kept… 

Anyway, I dined there alone that day after watching The Story of Yonosuke. Was dying to find a place that made Japanese ramen, but unfortunately Tokyo Diner does not offer this. Instead they serve cold soba noodles. Not what I wanted… It took me a while to choose, so in the end I chose a favourite. Chicken Katsu Curry… Plus a bowl of cold cooked aubergines…

I started off with the aubergines (or eggplant as they call it in the USA and Japan), well it came first. It’s called Aubergine Age Bitashi, and the aubergine is soaked in some cold dashi stock and served with a slice of bamboo root. I still remember the taste of it. It was a bit oily and had minimal soy sauce in it… Very tasty!! So instead of a picture, here’s a YouTube video I found on how to make it… (well, it’s something similar, there’s no dashi stock used in this video). I want more of this! I might make my own if London decides to get hotter during the summer… (actually it already is!)…
Next came the curry. I noticed later that a few others had ordered the same dish!! Well, a curry dish anyway. It’s an expensive dish for £10.60, whereas in other places I can get it for cheaper, but the carrots and potatoes were cut largely in this plate. I had a small amount of rice, and if you want more rice, I think you have to pay 50p more… The chicken katsu was slightly on the burnt side, but it still tasted good… And I should’ve had a bit more rice!
My chicken katsu curry taken from my Instagram online

So total cost came to £16.20 that’s with a drink too… Green tea comes free, and they top it up for you.

If I dine there again in the nearest future, I will add some more pictures at the end!! Want to try the cold soba or a bento box next time plus have more cold aubergines!! ^_^

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
– Nice friendly service
– Tasty cold aubergine
– Loved the interior designing and the way they have re-designed the seating plan
– Don’t except tipping (I don’t tip that much anyway)

Bad points:
– A little expensive for my liking 
– I wish they served ramen, I’m sure they could get more customers that way (but would it become a noodle bar?)…
– Chicken katsu was slightly burnt (or they may have used some old oil to fry it)


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