IKEA advert – One Room Paradise MV

oOoOoOoOooooOOoOooo… What a scary music video advert from IKEA! This looks like something that the BBC writers would write for Dr Who, or for an upcoming sci-fi…

What’s so scary about it? Well for one thing they’re using “dolls” to show us IKEA products and also, I guess, a single parents life with a creepy looking son. Couldn’t tell you what products they’re actually advertising, probably the beds, the desks, draws, shelving and lighting… Not sure about the doll house though. That’s probably on display in the IKEA stores. 😛

The changing faces showing emotion just makes this advert really creepy. It’s probably like watching that film Chucky, which I haven’t actually watched in all the years it’s been out… I think I’m too afraid to watch it! … I wondered how much time the designers had to spend on those faces just to get it right for each scene. Seems painstaking.

So go on then, have a look at the video, and see what you think of it! Scary or not scary?

4 thoughts on “IKEA advert – One Room Paradise MV

  1. Anonymous

    Im glad im not the only one that thought it. Watched it for the 1st time last night & it is wrong, Especially the little boy frowning coloring down hard, CHUCKY!!! Ummmmmmm poor Marketing dept you got this one wrong.


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