Amusing Adverts

I had one morning off before I went to work last week, and I passed by Elephant and Castle during that morning where I had spotted these quite amusing adverts…

First one is from Miele, a German manufacturer who sell household appliances. This advert is quite amusing showing a vacuum cleaner that has been transformed into a suction monster! Very amusing. We all think that vacuum cleaners are a bit of monster when they suck all the dirt or start playing up, and then you have to buy a new one (personal experience!)… Heheh. I generally like this advert. It’s just so simple and brings imagination to advertising! A bit like a Transformer.
Miele – Monster Suction advert

The second one is from Lurpak, a Danish dairy brand mostly well known for their butters. I saw this one, and thought why would you be optimistic about adding butter to your cooking…?! And then I read the rest… “Built, Baked and Drenched in Custard”… what’s that supposed to mean? The bread that gets drenched in custard in the picture? The butter that gets drenched in custard? What was I not getting? I don’t know, but I had to read it on this website to understand what Lurpak was advertising…

Lurpak – OPTIMISM, Built, Baked and Drenched in Custard

… Hmmm…. Optimism is hoping that these breads will turn out well once they have been built, baked and drenched in custard using Lurpak! Hah!! ^_^ Very amusing!!

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