The Best Kebab – London Walworth Road

I didn’t forget to blog about this place. Just got too busy… ¬,¬””

The Best Kebab which is situated along the Walworth Road… It’s where all the drunks go at night, the mothers who like a cheap meal for their children, a place for family gatherings and for others to enjoy a good kebab!

I like coming here, as you get a good portion size for small and large appetites. They are reasonably priced too… I think just over a fiver for a meal… (Sorry for bad quality pictures by the way, I used the LG phone for this post).
Outside The Best Kebab
Miss Pinky and I went here after playing a board game at Mr Games’ place a few weeks ago… And apparently I had to treat her for this meal!  What?! ¬,¬ … that doesn’t make sense!

Anyway we had the following… I forgot the names of the dishes, but I think you can just admire all that meat, bread, salad and chips in this post! ^_^
Miss Pinky’s food

Pita bread – stone oven baked!

I think this was mine 😀
It was a cheap meal of a total cost around £13-£14. Not bad for two people right?! So if you pass by, and you want something to eat, try The Best Kebab. It’s also Halal… I actually wanted to take my cousin here but we ended up at that one in Leicester Square… Too bad!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Cheap and good portions of food
– Tasty and delicious kebab
– Pita bread is baked in a stone oven

Bad points:
– Not many bad points… I can’t really think of any… Maybe toilets shouldn’t be for both males and females…

Address: 294 Walworth Rd London, SE17 2TE
Telephone: 020 7703 7383

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