Camden Town… no cute stalls?

It’s very hard to find cute stores elsewhere nowadays. I remembered there were quite a few in the old days and especially around Camden Town. Unfortunately there’s not many of those anymore around this area of London. So you really have to look hard for the cute stalls.

For me, it’s really easy to be like a tourist or a person from out of London, so taking some random pictures of the Camden area is easy and fun… Because I’ve been to Camden Town so many times in the past I know which areas to look for cute things…

Here’s a few stalls you could try and find in the stable market area… There’s a lot of stalls that sell antique and vintage objects, so have a good look around.
So many different bags!!

Lots of antiques and vintage stuff

Loads of bags and purses

This is the only cute stall I found in the entire stable market area!!

Hello Kitty Stall!! Yay!!

Heheh, is that a toilet seat? Or a weird chair?

 I bought socks from here… Forgot the name of the shop, but it’s in one of those side streets…

Sock, shoes and bag shop

Cute socks!!

I just had to take a picture of this!! Loads of weird t-shirt designs 😀

Bags, bags and bags! I love bags!!

Across the road from the stable market there are other stalls you may wish to look at…

Cute key chain toys!

I think this is a Japanese stall… Can you see the unique toilet roll holder!

Cute toy stall for young kids!

And if you have time, which I didn’t, you can have a look in this section – Camden Market. There must be a cute stall in there somewhere!

Outside The Camden Market… loads of stalls in there 😀

If not, try Punky Fish for some cute t-shirts or other clothing. 


The whole area is full of unique stalls and shops. If you’re looking for anything that’s punk style, this is the area to go to!! ^_^ The Geek will not turn into a Geeky Punk by the way… (^_^)v

Lots of shops with gothic clothing and unique trainer stores

Had to get a shot of this for the men shopping around XD

Also one more thing, if you like food, try out as many food stalls as you can… I didn’t take any shots of them because I knew I would want to eat loads… 😛

Here’s some scenic shots…

In the Stable Market area

Taking a long shot

From the other side of the road…

Nearest tube station: Camden Town (Northern Line)

Buses: 24, 27, 29, 31, 46, 88, 134, 168, 214, 253, 274,  C2

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