Paperchase – London Tottenham Court Road

How could I forget about Paperchase?! It’s a CUTE store too!

As I couldn’t find many cute, cute stalls in Camden Town, I stopped back off at the back street of Tottenham Court Road and went towards Paperchase after stopping off at Waterstones… Tottenham Court Road is a one way street unfortunately, so if you’re going computer shopping, you have to walk all the way back down. 😦

Paperchase is one of my favourite stores in the entire of the UK! And I really mean it! There are stores everywhere, Waterloo Station, Victoria Station, Strand and various other places… But the big one is in Tottenham Court Road.
Outside Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road

Look at all that cute stuff in the window!! ^_^
It has 3 floors altogether that includes the ground floor…
2 floors upstairs…
I love this place because of the amount of stationery they sell. If I lived in a big place, I think I would have majority of my stationery coming from here…

If you don’t want to shop for stationery there’s always the cute lunch boxes and water bottles that you can have a look at. I think bento boxes are still an in thing. These are on the ground floor.
Ground floor… so many cute things! 😀

Lunch / Bento boxes, water bottles and carriers…

Kawaiiiiiiiiii!! ^_^

The cafe is on the first floor which I didn’t take a picture of… But this is part of the first floor.
1st floor
On the second floor there’s paper. Lots of it…
2nd floor
I also found a world map for Miss Pinky. She’s bad at geography even though she did this for her GCSE’s!! (I did History GCSE and I still know where some of the places in the world are… ¬,¬””).
Map cost me £3 something… 😀
Prices are generally ok in Paperchase, they are not overly expensive, but in general it’s a good price for good quality!

Address: 213 – 215 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7PS
Telephone: 0207 467 6200

2 thoughts on “Paperchase – London Tottenham Court Road

  1. I know this is a really late post but I was wondering if you knew whether paper chase still sell the maps. Also how big are they ? I am considering buying one :)Eb


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