My Old Dutch – London Holborn

Miss Pinky mentioned this place the other day, and I realised that these guys follow me on Twitter, and I haven’t made the effort to go and try them out. Well now I am, and this time I’m going to go with Miss Pinky and her new boyfriend who I am still stuck trying to give him a nickname. He looked offended when I suggested one name! (Yes, the new boyfriend knows I blog too!)… So I think I will call him Mr Picky, as he is apparently picky with food. (He might not appreciate this but I like it). (^_^)v Good thinking Geek!

I got there early and was sitting and waiting for them, plus passed a level in Candy Crush… It does start getting easy-ish by the way. Just have to work on your gaming skills.

Before I came here I had looked on the website beforehand just to see what the pancakes, desserts and savoury foods were like. They all sound great, but I wish there were pictures I could see. On the pancake section you can hover over the item and you can see a picture… That’s not really a good design feature by the way, because it doesn’t work properly on Google Chrome…
Outside My Old Dutch
My Old Dutch in Holborn is very close to the station so you won’t get lost at all. As we stepped in we got seated straight away…
Sorry for fuzzy picture… The inside
We all needed time to decide what to eat because we haven’t had a savoury pancake for a bit, and I have never been to My Old Dutch before. In the end this is what we had…

Mr Picky had this. Compote of Berries pancake with ice cream. That looks nice and massive! 🙂 There’s so much icing on the plate too. I had a bit of the berries. They are not sweet unfortunately. I do prefer sweet berries, so thankfully I did not order this!!

Compote of Berries pancake with ice cream
I had the Banana, Nuts, Cream and Chocolate sauce Waffles. This tasted really good! However the cream melted too quickly (I wasn’t quick enough to eat it!) and it wasn’t filling… 😦 They should’ve put an extra waffle in for me!!
Banana, Nuts,Cream and Chocolate Sauce Waffle
Miss Pinky had the Lamb Stew pancake… Interesting! This one tasted really good, and I just thought why didn’t I order a savoury pancake in the first place?!
Lamb Stew Pancake
After eating my waffles, I still felt hungry. I wanted a proper pancake… A Dutch pancake! 😛 And Miss Pinky wanted something sweet…. So we had this. Mr Picky was already full from what he had, so he didn’t order anything else.

Miss Pinky decided to order a You Choose your own. It was basically the same as what Mr Picky had… ¬,¬”” Oh dear… she didn’t finish it. It was way too big!
Miss Pinky’s pancake 
And I had this… The My Old Dutch pancake. This was very filling, but I didn’t attempt to finish it. I think I would have without the presence of Miss Pinky and Mr Picky!! It was almost like looking at a thin crust pizza heheheh…
My Old Dutch pancake
Total cost came to £60 something… Expensive!!! Mine was about £16 worth not including the beer I had. If I need to come for dessert after a long day I think I would come here. It was a very peaceful restaurant for a Sunday!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (giving to a lot of places recently!!)

Good points:
– Massive pancakes both sweet or savoury
– Ok prices
– Good, spacious seating area

Bad points:
– Waffles didn’t fill me up… and that’s about it!

Address: 131-132 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 6PS
Telephone: 020 7242 5200

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