Korean Cheese Ramen?! Are you serious?!

Curiosity strikes! I found these Korean Cheese Ramen in one of my local Asian stores (I think it was in Ming Sing 明星) , and I actually wanted to try it out!
Korean Cheese Ramen

You cook the noodles in a pot or microwave with the soup base and dried vegetables and ham pieces. 

Red packet is the dried veg and ham; Silver packet is the soup base; Yellow packet is the cheese powder

Then you add the dried cheese powder in afterwards. 
Add the cheese powder in

Mix and voila!

Cheese Ramen ^_^

I was a bit hesitant at first before eating these because I haven’t tasted these before, but I had a go and ate the whole thing! The noodles tasted a bit bland. But the soup… the soup… it’s cheesy and spicy at the same time, creamy and absolutely addictive. (^_^)b It’s like having overcooked spaghetti and cheese sauce with a bit of pepper added in… 

I’m amazed the Koreans invented this!! Heheh.
I think I’m going to buy a few more of these… I can’t remember the price, but I’m sure it was under £1. I don’t all Asian stores have them, but have a look and find them!! ^_^

Bank Holiday Yumcha at Dragon Castle 金龍堡 – London Elephant and Castle

Has it been a while since I went out to yumcha? Yep it has been a while. 
This time I went out with my mum again. And this time we dined locally at Dragon Castle which is by Elephant and Castle… Chinese name is 金龍堡 (canto: gam lung bou; mando: jin long bao) literally meaning “Golden-Dragon-Castle/Fort”. You can see in the picture below that you have to read it from right to left, as it is in traditional Chinese script writing for door signs. Don’t worry I get confused too sometimes… When it first opened I only went there once and bought a crispy noodle dish as a take away. It was good, but very expensive, and I never went back since then! But this time I went there to yumcha, eat dim sum and enjoy my Bank Holiday Monday! 
I can’t believe I haven’t dined here before! I have been telling myself to go to this place for years, and on Bank Holiday Monday I finally went!! Yipee!! I think I would have dined by myself if no one came with me…
The entrances are on either side of this red door and the two stone lions

A stone lion

The dimsum menu outside the restaurant

It is a very grand place, and it hasn’t changed much in appearance since it has opened – both the interior and exterior… although a paint job of a different colour that wouldn’t match the rest of the building would be preferable… A light blue building looks dull for a Chinese restaurant that serves good food (already praising the food! Dear Me!!). 
Don’t like the blue exterior – needs a paint job for the restaurant section
They have a small indoor fountain / pond

So many goldfish!

Apart from the ugly paint work outside, its interior is extremely beautiful! There is a tall ceiling and there are large chandeliers hanging. There’s a large bar area, I bet the owner wanted a big bar to serve many different drinks! I didn’t get to see the large tables at the back as there are dividers blocking that area, but you can see them when you’re on the bus. The dining tables are equally spread out but you can still see what other people are eating… We had a couple of women sitting next to us, and one of them was quite irritating and a bit rude. Not sure why. I think they enjoyed the food but didn’t like the service.

Inside the dining area

Don’t ask me why I always take pictures of the lights! They are so grand!

The windows are so big… cleaning must take forever!!

Ordering dimsum is quite easy, it’s a bit like Ping Pong, but there are no set menus and the food is traditional stuff! Just write down the number inside the brackets of how many of the dish / basket you want. Unfortunately the menu is in Simplified Chinese, no Traditional Chinese and there’s no English on the ordering paper, but there is a menu book with the pictures and English inside, which also includes the main menu (rice, noodles and other dishes)… So if you get stuck refer to the pictures or otherwise learn Chinese or dine with someone who’s Chinese (like me! Invite me!! ¬,¬) or ask the staff… The manager speaks Cantonese, and the waiters / waitresses speak Cantonese and / or Mandarin. I spoke mainly Cantonese and English, and said thank you in Mandarin quite a few times…

The dimsum menu in Simplified Chinese

The dimsum menu in pictures

The dimsum menu in pictures continued

The dimsum menu in pictures… final page!

Our food came! My mother didn’t want to each much, but I ate quite a bit. Heheh… I did all the food ticking (ordering) by the way, I never usually do… 

This picture doesn’t feature the taro croquettes… ate those before the other dishes came…

Ate the taro croquettes first. These are very good. I felt like I’ve never tasted these before! They were smallish, but it felt like it melted in your mouth…

蜂巢荔芋角 (Mando: feng chao li yu jiao; Canto: fung caau lai wu gok) “Honeycomb/Beehive Nest” Taro Croquette – £2.90

This, as usual, is the shrimp rice roll. I love this stuff. I wish they sold the frozen version in China Town and other Asian stores so I can steam these at home. I know they sell them frozen worldwide, but not in the UK… 😦

Simp: 鲜虾肠粉 (Mando: xian xia chang fen); Trad: 鮮蝦腸粉 (Canto: sin haa cheung fan) Fresh Shrimp (or Prawn) Rice Roll (cheung fan) – £4.00

If you don’t mind eating the insides an animal, then you might like this. This is black pepper tripe. Tripe is part of an animal’s stomach. And this is seasoned very well and it’s a little spicy… Not sure which animal it’s from though…

Simp: 黑椒金钱肚 (Mando: hei jiao jin qian du); Trad: 黑椒金錢肚 (Canto: haak jiu gam cin tou) Black Pepper Tripe – I love this!! – £2.90

This is one of my favourite dimsum’s of all time! Shrimp dumplings. This has a thick, translucent wrap. The dumpling is a bit big. And I could eat these everyday if I could or whenever I can. My mum said not to order these, BUT I LOVE THESE!! You can buy these frozen in Asian supermarkets.

Simp: 笋尖鲜虾饺 (Mando: sun jian xian xia jiao); Trad: 筍尖鮮蝦餃 (Canto: seon jim sin haa gaau) Haa Gaau – Shrimp Dumplings – £3.00

Everyone likes Char Siu Bao (BBQ Pork buns), but I eat it all the time! So I went for these chicken buns, chicken and mushroom buns to be exact! It’s not sweet and tastes very good. Different to the ones you buy in Asian supermarkets. There are big pieces of fresh chicken inside.

Simp: 香菇鸡包子 (Mando: xiang gu ji bao zi); Trad: 香菇雞包子 (Canto: heung gu gai baau jai) Chicken and Mushroom Buns – £2.90

Inside the bun, very fresh ingredients!

My mum wanted these mini glutinous rice parcels, well she wanted the bigger version, but they don’t sell those. These look in-house made. Definitely not frozen bought. There was a big fresh prawn in there, and usually the frozen ones have a dried shrimp in them.

Simp: 迷你珍珠鸡 (Mando: mi ni zhen zhu zi); Trad: 迷你珍珠雞 (Canto: mai nei zan zyu gai) Mini Glutinous Rice Parcels – £3.90

Inside the parcels

I think all the dimsum is made in the restaurant. All of it tasted very fresh and very different to the ones in China Town. The most expensive item on the menu is a fish congee (rice porridge) costing at £5.50.

The waiters / waitresses are always there looking at you, and they will fill your tea cup even if you didn’t ask for it! A very different dining experience for me. I’m sure in China Town they don’t help you fill your tea cup for you! One was a little impatient with my mum but was quite nice when he got our bill… And, woah. I think they were all eyeing me taking pictures… I can’t help it, I take food pictures all the time!

Total bill came to £24.90 which includes the drinks and a 10% compulsory service charge. Without the drinks and service charge, it would have been £19.60, and that averages out to £3.27 per dish / basket!! Mega cheap!! ^_^ I like this place!! I would definitely come back again!!

Our receipt

So South Londoners, if you don’t think China Town is for you, or you can’t be bothered to travel out to a restaurant that serves dim sum, I would definitely recommend you go to Dragon Castle.

My geeky rating: 4.9 (loses a 0.1 mark for service charge)

Good points:
– Nice, spacious restaurant
– Good service (they try their best)
– Food is nice and cheap, I like it

Bad points:
– Waiters / Waitresses are constantly eyeing you, I feel like I don’t know where to look…
– There’s a 10% service charge!! 😦 No point giving tips if there’s a service charge!! (I hate service charge with a passion… see all my other reviews with service charges!)

Address: 100 Walworth Rd London SE17 1JL
Telephone: 020 7277 3388

Dimsum serving times: Mon-Sat 12pm – 4.45pm; Sun 11.30am – 4.45pm

Website: http://www.dragon-castle.com/

M&M’s Bitesize Cookies and More EXTRA Chewing Gum!

There’s an old Victorian style sweet shop in Ramsgate! It’s called Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and I’ve never been in an old looking sweet shop before. It felt like being in a Harry Potter scene… ^_^ (Check out my pictures in this post)… So what did I buy? I bought three items…
EXTRA chewing gum and M&M’s Bite Size Cookies
First thing that caught my eye were these M&M Bitesize Cookies. These are definitely mini cookies which taste like normal chocolate chip cookies, but there’s a candy shell sweet taste to it – as you would expect with M&M’s being in a cookie. There were only 8 pieces of mini cookies in the packet, and cost 99p. There’s nothing too special about them, and I’m sure a lot of people can bake these… Wished I had a bigger version of it! Was a bit disappointed with these really… 😦
Only 8 pieces in the packet!
The second item is the Apple Pie EXTRA Dessert Delights chewing gum costing £1.49. Expensive! I liked the other flavours that I bought from Dallas, and so I wanted to try out a couple more… This one tastes a bit like apple pie. It has a very sweet taste to it and you can taste the “crust” flavouring. There’s a bit of an apple sour taste. It’s probably not my type of flavour, but it tastes ok if you like Apple Pie!!
Extra Dessert Delights – Apple Pie Flavour

The packaging

The chewing gum
The third item I bought was the Sweet Tropical EXTRA Fruit Sensations chewing gum also costing £1.49. This one is right up my alley! Once you open the plastic wrapper there’s an instant tropical fruit smell. It tastes a bit sour but I don’t mind! I do like sour things to be honest, just not sour apples. 🙂 It has a long-lasting taste to it too!
EXTRA Fruit Sensations – Sweet Tropical Flavour

Funny packaging

The chewing gum
There’s over 90 Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe stores in the UK! And there’s one in Finchley, London too! I think I need to pop up to North London some time soon!! XD
Website: http://www.mrsimmsoldesweetshoppe.co.uk/ (I don’t think they sell these products on their Internet site 😦 too bad!)….

Travelodge – Ramsgate Seafront

This is the third Travelodge I have been to in my lifetime. It was practically the only one I could book as everywhere else was booked up! There were some other places, but they looked dodgy or too far from where we wanted to be…
Travelodge Ramsgate Seafront is about 10 minutes away from the beach, less than a minute away from the high street and I guess it has many advantages compared to other guest houses and inns!
Travelodge Ramsgate Seafront sign

Travelodge on one side

At the front

The room is a bit small compared to the other rooms I have been in. There was one double bed and one sofa bed already made up.

A small family room

Double bed

Coat hangers and towels

Bathroom has a toilet and a bath / shower. (Miss Pinky felt claustrophobic in there!).


Shower head

Windows can’t open, so you’re going to have to bear with it. There’s no air con, but there is a small heater and a flat screen TV is also available.

Flat screen TV, desk and heater… 

The restaurant area is ok. It was quiet at dinner time, and this is the food we had…

Press the button for assistance

Dining area… nice and spacious

Television is available to watch 

The big lights

My lamb shank was a bit bland, but I just added a bit of salt. It was very filling! Mine cost £10.50 in total which included a Pepsi… Miss Pinky and Master H enjoyed their food… I think theirs cost about £15-ish.

Piri Piri Half Roast Chicken

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Lamb Shank

And the desserts were very good! Miss Pinky said hers was too sweet, but it wasn’t that sweet. Master H finished it for her! He ate a lot for a young kid! ^_^

Miss Pinky’s Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard 

Ice Cream for Master H

My Caramel Apple Crumble and custard

All in all it is a good hotel, but it’s unfortunate that they are situated next to a pub that makes a lot of noise during karaoke night… However the drinkers are very good, and the pub closes early. So the best thing to do is stay up until 11 pm before going to sleep!

Breakfast was very busy on the Sunday than usual apparently! And you get to eat as much as you like for £7.65 per person. Children eat for free at breakfast.

I’ll give it a geeky rating of 4/5! Lost a mark for the price and noise levels, plus having to pay for the Internet! Free WIFI needed…
Cost of the room was £81 and I used an Internet voucher for 24 hours which cost £10… Expensive for one night I know!

Website: http://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/510/Ramsgate-Seafront-hotel

Bank Holiday Weekend in Ramsgate – Day 2

Wakey wakey! It was a hard night’s sleep on the bed / sofa I was sleeping on, so I woke up before the alarm went off!
Looking outside from our hotel room
We had breakfast at the Travelodge is £7.65 and it’s free for children under 15! (But I think they must be accompanied by an adult). I didn’t take any pictures of the breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans and toast. I also had a piece of toast with a bit of Marmite just to remind myself why I don’t like Marmite. It’s salty, bitter and not my type of spread. Yuck! 😛
Since it was so early and check out time was 12pm, we went out for a short walk before we headed back home, so we took Miss Pinky to the places we went to the day before.
Master H running towards the sea!

Miss Pinky just sitting there… wasn’t willing to go walking on the beach at first
Master H and I went towards the sea again and we went looking for seashells. 🙂 And Miss Pinky decided to do a short walk and then sit around whilst we looked for more seashells.
Pretty picture of the sea… 
Master H accidentally picked up a dead crab claw (I think the seagulls ate it already) and he got scared… This is another crab shell (not the one that Master H stepped on as he was embarrassed of becoming all shy!!). Hahahaha!!!
Seashells, stones and sand

A crab shell 
We got loads of seashells!!
During low tide we saw a lot of seaweed sitting on top of wet sand. I told Master H the general scientific name of seaweed – algae, and now he keeps saying it! Hah!
Master H walking around the seaweed

The lovely sun was out!
I didn’t remember this statue having a scarf around its neck the day before…!
Where and when did that scarf appear? Was it there all the time?
Finally we went back to the high street, and yes Master H got his £1.99 toy. A miniature Star Wars toy. ¬,¬” Good grief!
Groovy Frog Shop – a little place to shop for toys, manga and stuff

Lights of Ramsgate High Street
It was time to check out, depart the hotel and make our walk to the train station! I took a few pictures along the way…
A brick chair

There’s a Sweeney Todd’s Barbers in Ramsgate!! Awesome!!

Along Station Approach Road… pretty bee on a pretty yellow flower

Oink oink

I have a feeling this butterfly was staring at me when I took this picture O_o

The insects are definitely not camera shy in Ramsgate!

Pretty pink flower

Ramsgate Train Station
We were on a very empty South Eastern Train service, and so Master H made a lot of noise, sang and was taking videos on his iPad!… Very empty service for a Sunday!!
An empty train…
Miss Pinky and I dropped Master H home, and then he went out to play with his friends… So much energy one child can have… And then I headed home…
End of Day 2 and, of my Bank Holiday holiday!! Yay!! (I have another short holiday coming up without Miss Pinky and Master H… and I can’t wait!!).

Bank Holiday Weekend in Ramsgate – Day 1

Finally! It’s the Summer Bank Holiday Weekend! And the best way to spend it is by getting of London for a couple of days. ^_^
Miss Pinky and I promised we would take Master H to the beach for the bank holiday, I think it’s for his holiday report for his school. (I hope his school hasn’t asked him to write another 50 word report again – our last summer trip was in Legoland, Windsor XD). We were supposed to stay with a friend who had retired and went to Broadstairs but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to her daughter’s engagement party. 😦 So in the end, I had to quickly find a hotel or a B&B, but there was nothing in Broadstairs!! Oh, how unfortunate!! Everywhere was booked up… But I chose to book somewhere nearby… as in either Margate or Ramsgate. In the end I chose the Travelodge in Ramsgate which I will blog about in another post…
Our train ticket was to go to Broadstairs as I had already bought the tickets before I was told we weren’t staying there, but we decided to get off at Ramsgate. I think it would’ve been the same price to go there, so I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered.

At Ramsgate Train Station

Inside Ramsgate Train Station

So it was a bit of a walk to get to the seafront and the hotel we were staying at but it was definitely worth it. The walk from the station to the seaside is about 25 minutes for a fast walker (or maybe a shorter time).

Passed an ASDA along the way to the Seafront!

At the start of the high street

We were very near the beach when we got there, but Miss Pinky wanted to find the hotel to rest. And I said I would take Master H back out for an hour whilst she had a rest. 

Loads of boats in Ramsgate!

An event going on 

Map of Ramsgate

Lots of seafood!

I took Master H back towards the area where a lot of games and stalls were placed (pictures above). 

Went into the Family Arcade… Lost £1 playing games…

An American band setting up

And this is the band a bit later playing some music…

Hehehe!! Love this!!

Then we spotted the sea and I took Master H there. I think Master H has never been near the sea before and he was ultra scared of the water. Hehehe. So I walked towards the sea bent down and touched the water. It was super cold! Master H followed and in the end he overcame his fear of the small waves!

We started walking around on the beach taking pictures of birds and people. 
Lots of seagulls waiting for food to appear!

Lots of seaweed about!

Lifeguards station

Some people about on the beach…

We were throwing stones into the sea

We even wrote in the sand!

I am The Geek!! ^_^

Seaside moment 🙂

Tall monument

Finally we went towards the high street. We saw this small waterfall and took some pictures…

A very small waterfall feature

Can you see the waterfall?

If those buildings weren’t there I would have a good view of the sea!

Went into the sweet shop first! They sell a lot of American candy / sweets / chocolate and chewing gum!! I didn’t realise there’s a shop in Ramsgate that sells this stuff… (all candy and chocolate fans need to find this shop!!) Wow 🙂 I even bought a small packet of M&M’s mini cookies which I will blog in another post!!

Lots of candy!!

Inside Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

Lots of American Sweets

Jelly Belly!!

Outside the shop ^_^

Master H wanted a toy and so we went in search for one. Unfortunately it was a bit late, most of the shops were about to close and he didn’t get the one he had wanted. Master H got a bit stroppy with me. Kids! I spoil them and then they get moody with me. I told him there is always tomorrow… Good grief. It was a long hour of moody Master H!

We went into Wilkinsons, and spotted a pigeon! Can you see it?

Got back to the Travelodge and Miss Pinky was fast asleep! But we woke her up and we started watching TV and deciding what to eat… And I told her about her brother’s moodiness! 

In the end he did say sorry for being moody… And we all went downstairs and ate our dinner in Travelodge… The last time I went to a Travelodge (the one in Edinburgh) they ran out of lamb shank. This time I got what I wanted. Miss Pinky had a peri peri chicken and gave a bit to Master H. Master H had the spaghetti and meatballs which was on the kid’s menu… And then it was dessert time… It was all very filling. We were allowed to eat it upstairs in our room too! (Pictures will be in the post about Travelodge Ramsgate Seafront… coming soon!).
Finally it was time to go to bed. We went to bed really early! Unfortunately it was really noisy outside… There are some bad karaoke singers out there! 😛
End of Day 1.

Limited Edition Pocky from Oyatsu Cafe and a 1000 Yen bar!

Nope. I didn’t forget these. Just too lazy to snack on biscuity and chocolatey things!
At the same time I bought those Cookies and Cream Kit Kats, I bought a 1000 Yen mini chocolate bar, and two limited flavoured Pocky for this summer! Here’s my quick geeky review!!
A 1000 Yen bar. How much is that equivalent to in pounds? £6.51 at the moment!! When I opened it, there was a 10,000 Yen money in it. ^_^

This is a very sweet chocolate with wafer bits inside. Reminds me of something but can’t remember… A wafer biscuit maybe… It’s tasty and light. A bit like Nestlé chocolate but I think this good for a snack! This one is not to share I’m afraid. It also melts really nicely into your mouth too!
If you like coconut, you will like this limited Coconut flavoured Pocky. There’s lots of dessicated coconut covered in chocolate with the biscuit in the middle. There’s also a very strong coconut smell. So if you definitely like coconut, try this one out!!

Oh! The Mango and Pineapple Pocky tastes good! It tastes like flavoured icing covering a biscuit. It has a very sweet taste to it. You can also smell the mango but it tastes of sweet and slightly sour pineapple… Yummy!!

Oyatsu Cafe are still selling them!
And don’t forget to use the coupon code GROCERYGEMS for your discount thanks to @grocerygems 😀
Now I am off to enjoy my bank holiday at the seaside! Hopefully it doesn’t rain for the entire time!!
Have a happy bank holiday people!! ^_^

Yo! Burger – is it worth it?

I have been DYING to try out a rice burger for ages! And I mean since I’ve seen them in pictures. So when Yo! Sushi decided to do a limited version of their rice burger called Yo! Burger (costing £8 ¬,¬”), I really wanted to try it out!! (It’s been out for weeks, more than a month, and it’s only now that I’ve just been able to go out and try it!)…
It’s really hard to find a person to go out with. They either have no money to spend, they’re on duty, can’t get away from work so early or just don’t like sushi… So I dined alone. Not ashamed of it. I have started to learn how to dine alone in case friends decided to bail out on me. It’s actually quite fun, as you get to choose the timing of when you want to eat and leave at your own accord… Must do it more often 😀
I ordered the Salmon Yo! Burger which has kimchi in it, and it’s served with nori crackers, pickled salad and misochup (ketchup made with miso apparently!).
My tray of food

As I looked at it, and taking pictures of it, I thought this is so small… plus how the heck am I supposed to eat it?! I felt like I was being served a dinner tray actually ¬,¬ … I’m not in school anymore! (Fact about my geeky life: In all the schools that I went to, I never had food trays with compartments…).

Salmon Yo! Burger from the side view

I couldn’t see the kimchi. I think I saw about 3 pieces of cooked salmon though covered in probably a kimchi sauce. There were courgettes and other vegetables (possibly the kimchi) – I can’t even remember what was in the burger. I tried eating it with a tissue wrapped around it, but it was hard to eat as the rice ‘buns’ were still hot! ¬,¬” In the end I had to stop and eat it layer by layer… The sensible Geek strikes again! o(^_^)O

Bad close up of my Salmon Yo! Burger

The nori crackers were nice, but they just tasted like normal prawn crackers. However the misochup was great stuff! I thought it was a curry sauce at first as it tasted like curry, but I read about it later and it’s actually miso paste made into a ‘ketchup’-like sauce… Tasty stuff!

Hmmm wasn’t too keen on the pickled sides, but I had lots of it in the end.

I also had a few other plates of sushi, fruit and gyoza… Was hungry…

Just added this in… I love sashimi!!

So My Geeky Results! Is it worth it or not worth it? … It’s a YES and a NO, 50-50, half and half… ^_^ You get the point…

YES – it’s worth it just to try it out and if you have a small appetite, but,
NO – it’s not worth it because of the price and size of the burger if you have a bigger appetite! You can get a bigger burger (not a rice burger) in other places for the same price!

In the end I spent £30.10!! Blimey what did I eat?! I went over my budget by £10.10 😦 … Nevermind… Less spending next month then!

Strawberry Jam and Ginger Nut Cheesecake

Big geeky cheesecake fan here!!! Yes I am. So why not make a very simple, presentable cheesecake?! 
Well yes I am going to! I own another cookbook called “Nosh for Students” by Joy May… It’s a very old edition that I had bought over 10+ years ago, and have recommended it to friends who have no idea about cooking even if they are not students!!! I think I have bought 3 editions for 3 individuals and that includes Mr Games and Mrs SweetTooth!! …
I have some strawberry jam (not being used) on the side. I have concentrated lemon juice in the fridge not being used. All I need is a pot of double cream, fresh strawberries and cream cheese!! Plus some sugar, I used sweetener instead… So here’s some pictures with full instructions below…
– Half a tub of cream cheese (any brand)
– 1 third of the Double cream (if using a small pot add half)
– 2 tablespoons of Lemon juice (concentrated) or more if you want it to settle really hard
– 1 tablespoon of Sugar or Sweetner
– 5 Ginger biscuits
– Strawberry jam
– 2-3 Strawberries
– Big spoonful of butter or margarine 
The ingredients

How to make in pictures (for one big pot for one person):
1. Take the 5 ginger biscuits and place into a plastic bag and seal. Crush the biscuits using the base of a bottle or a food can or rolling pin.
Crush those biscuits!
2. Melt the butter into a saucepan.
Melt the butter
3. Add the ginger biscuits into the pan, and mix well until it is all clumped together.
Mix the butter with the biscuit crumbs
4. Leave to cool for one minute and add into a plastic pot or suitable container (I have used a plastic container to show you what I’ve done for each layer).
Place biscuit mix into a pot
5. Put the cream cheese, double cream,  sweetner or sugar and lemon juice into a bowl and mix well.
Mix the cream cheese, double cream, sugar and lemon juice

Mix it well!!
6. Once mixed place on top of the ginger biscuit mix that is already in the container, and flatten (if possible!).
Place the cream cheese mix into the container

From the side
7. Add some strawberry jam on top, and decorate with the fresh strawberries.
And now decorate with the jam and fresh strawberries

Refridgerate it!
8. Place in the fridge overnight then eat it! 
Close up of the top
I think it only keeps for one day… so eat it quickly!! ^_^ Easy right?!

Twickenham Stadium… and my tiny invasion at the Korean Festival

Aha! I got to go to Twickenham Stadium to watch some rugby matches on the weekend. I had two sets of tickets for the Worlds 7, and to go both the Saturday games and to the Sunday one (thanks to Groupon UK!), but I only ended up going to the Saturday one as I was tired… I gave the Sunday tickets for Miss Pinky to use and dispose of… Don’t know if she used it!
Twickenham Stadium is not hard to get to. It’s still in the London zone (zone 6 area) so you can still use your oyster and bus pass!! (^_^)b Just get the SW Train services however it’s always packed when there’s a rugby game (and during rush hour!), so get there as early as possible!!
Here’s some pictures of the outside and the inside…
The giant statue outside Twickenham Stadium

Outside the Stadium

Inside from the East Side

One goal post

The other goal post

First match…

World Club 7s 2013

There were so many matches going on. We watched 6 matches and that included the Harlequins!! Yeah!! Some of the games were really good!! The crowd just loved some of it…Unfortunately the stadium wasn’t entirely filled otherwise it would’ve been extremely fun!!

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

Match 5 or 6… lost count!
Lots of people dressed up… I don’t understand the concept of dressing up during a rugby game. I guess it’s just to have fun! (I would be completely embarrassed if I had to do that!)…
People dressed up in front of us

More men dressed up
During half time there was a bit going on… the cheerleaders went by….
The Cheerleaders passing by
And they were playing a game…
Half time game
After half time we left! We were told by Mr Fly who I haven’t seen for over a year and a half, that there was a Korean Festival in Kingston. So Miss Pinky and I hopped on the bus and went to Kingston!!
It was raining when we got there. So we went to find Mr Fly… Then it was back to the Korean Festival when it stopped raining, and to find some food (because I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch!)… Huuuuungry!!
At the Korean Festival!

It rained 😦

Lots of people looking for shelter

Concert band playing
It took a long while for some of the food to come out as they had just run out!! 😦 So we waited and took some pictures.
The food area… had to wait for food!!

Some shopping stands

Awwww. Cute doggies!!

More performing going on
Finally we had food!!
Ebi prawns

Miss Pinky’s fried rice and bbq beef

I got loads of bbq beef!!!

Big serving of yakisoba noodles 😀

I invaded their tent 😀 … not relly!
Then it was back to Mr Fly’s usual pub, The Cocoanut… Miss Pinky played backgammon with him and his father. (I hope Mr Picky isn’t jealous that he didn’t get to join us, heheh)…
Miss Pinky and Mr Fly’s father playing backgammon
And we also stayed for Thai food!! I haven’t had Kai’s Thai food for more than a year!!!!! It’s still as good 🙂
O! Thai food!! Authentic stuff!! 🙂
It was finally time to go home, and I enjoyed my entire day out and all the food I ate!