Other Asian Supermarket Stores

It seems a bit unfair if I don’t blog about the smaller Asian shops around the area that I go to (only if I can’t be bothered to go to China Town that is). These are as good as Longdan Express and Little Orient. They are a bit smaller, but offer a local feel and sometimes you get food offers in these smaller shops like you would in the larger ones…

I think, just don’t depend on the larger Asian shops, you should also go to the local ones as the shop keeper always offers their help when you need it, and sometimes they sell stuff that the bigger ones don’t have! 

So first store I am introducing is this one called Ming Sing 明星 meaning “famous star / person”. This is quite a new store, and they sell some snacks, drinks and other products that I haven’t seen in other smaller Asian stores. The great thing about this one is that they sell some Chinese bakery goods… But keep checking what they have in store. Also check for discounts!
Ming Sing

Inside Ming Sing… I think they have recently changed their layout

Address: 10 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EN


Second up is this old store called Hiep Phat 協發 (canto: hip faat) which means “to assist in one’s development or riches”. This is also on the Walworth Road. It’s not far from Longdan Express, and a stop and a half away from Little Orient. This has been around the longest. I like this one as they sell various things. Plus they sell a variety of Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese noodles. Prices are similar or cheaper to Longdan, and I would recommend this one. They sell fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of dried foods especially snacks!
Hiep Phat

Inside Hiep Phat… That’s my brother’s umbrella in the way…

Address: 233 Walworth Rd,  London SE17 1RL

This next one can be found in East Street Market. It’s called Daily Fresh Supermarket 天天鲜超市 (canto: tin tin sin chiu si; mando: tian tian xian chao shi). It’s opposite a fresh fish shop and near the start of the market. It’s not hard to find I promise! In this shop it is run by some Chinese men. They speak a local Chinese language of which I can’t understand, and I think they speak Mandarin. This one is also unique as they sell foods that the other Asian stores don’t sell… For example they have lobsters in a tank, they sell steamed buns, and they sell a variety of drinks in their fridges. The freezers might be small, but at least they sell frozen foods! I do like this shop!! ^_^
Daily Fresh Supermarket

Inside Daily Fresh

Address: 48 East Street, Walworth, London, SE17 2DN


Now this one is a little out of the area, it’s just off on the Old Kent Road. It’s called Man Gee Supermarket 文記超市 (canto: man gee chiu si; mando: wen ji chao shi). Another small local shop I have been in there a few times. They stack a range of noodles… That’s all I can remember for this place, and they do sell frozen foods… Try it out if you live around that area! It’s just right next door to that dreadful ASDA…
Man Gee Supermarket – took this whilst on the bus!

Address: 462 Old Kent Rd, London SE1 5AG

And one more! This one is in Peckham, and is called Wing Tai 永大 (canto: wing dai; mando: wing da). It sells a wide range of products, Chinese, Korean, Japanese… Wing Tai is one of the Asian stores that has survived in the South London area for quite a long time! It has other branches but one has closed down… This one is one of my favourite Asian stores. Sometimes I would come here to buy soy sauce, noodles and wotnots… Plus they sell roast duck, roast pork and I think BBQ pork… It’s one of those small Asian shops that you should look in if you can’t be bothered to go to China Town, like me… ^_^
Wing Tai – I asked my brother Mr Stingy to kindly take this pic 🙂

Address: Unit 11a The Aylesham Centre, Rye Lane, London, SE15 5EW

Website: http://www.wingtai.co.uk/

There are many, many new ones that have opened… so try them all if you can. ^_^

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