Marmite Ad 2013 – End Marmite Neglect

You either love it or hate it! – I meant the ad, not Marmite itself (which I particularly hate…Marmite, not the advert)…

This is an advert that is an in-betweener. I love it because it is funny in its own way as we all neglect food items in the fridge and cupboard. But I also hate it because it’s taking the mickey out of organisations who protect animals… (which had sparked off a lot of complaints by viewers). 

Is Marmite an animal? No it’s not. It’s a food product that gets neglected by people who buy food products, and once it’s opened, and they don’t like it they will “neglect” the food product until it expires and then throw it away…

Am I like that? Sometimes… ¬,¬”” My family hates wasting food (my dad especially – ex-chefs don’t waste food – I get told off for wasting food)!! 

So moral of the advert, don’t waste food, don’t neglect your food items that are in the back of your cupboard or fridge (especially that jar of Marmite no matter how big or small it is), buy food that you need and not what you want!! … That reminds me I have a pot of jam being neglected on the side… ¬,¬ whoopsie! … Now what can I make with that??? Strawberry jam cheesecake!!! 

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