Belgian Chocolate

Hmmm, how can I be only trying out these now?! I’ve only just had a craving for them after seeing so many delicious reviews on chocolate recently, so now I’m indulging on a selection of chocolates that I bought in Belgium a few weeks ago.
Yummy yummy Belgian Chocolates!! ❤
These ones look like they are hand made. They are from Daya Chocolates. Looks like a small chocolate company in Belgium. It’s a big chocolate button with added Smarties. Tastes good. Not too sweet, and very chocolatey… Extremely nice! I could continue eating these… But I think I won’t… (have had half the box whilst writing this!! 😀 )
Chocolates from Daya Chocolates

These are really tasty
Wow, another Cookies (and cream) chocolate bar from Nestlé. Made in Belgium of course. This tastes really different! It’s very similar to the Hershey’s bar but there’s no horrible aftertaste. There’s no distinctive cookie taste but there’s a lot of crunch to it. Lots of white chocolate, not too sweet, but I think I want more cookie taste in it. Only had 3 pieces so far…
Galak Cookies Flavour

Looks good!

So many biscuity bits

Ooo, this next one is from Le Moment Supreme. It’s a very sweet white chocolate with bits of blueberry in it. There’s no distinctive blueberry smell, but there is a very distinctive blueberry taste! Get those antioxidants in you! Heheheh… However I think the white chocolate will overpower the blueberry in terms of goodness and healthiness. Just had two big pieces!

Le Moment Supreme Blueberry White chocolate

Big pieces of white chocolate

These next ones from Cote d’Or looked very interesting at first, but ugh, I don’t like them. They remind me of bourbon biscuits (which I dislike unfortunately). Plus they melted. And it only happened to this one out of the four!! Hah! The chocolate is too sweet, and the double lait (double milk) you can really taste, but I think it’s too much for me. Wouldn’t buy these again I’m afraid… I had one piece out of the entire bar. 😦

Cote d’Or Double Lait

Single bar of Double Lait

But yucky bourbon taste… and this melted…

So out of the four which one is my favourite? The round chocolate button with Smarties!! It was the best as it wasn’t overbearingly sweet and not overpowered by other elements (cookies, blueberry, milk…)…

Now you must hop off to Belgium and find those chocolates (the supermarkets are the best place to look for a good piece of good chocolate, but also check out the smaller chocolate shops!).

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