nanoblock – The Japanese miniblocks of fun!! ^_^

Finally I’m posting this post which has been sitting in my draft section for months!!

For those who love LEGO will definitely love these miniature lookalikes. Nanoblock is a Japanese building block and I think it’s been out for quite a while. Years I think!! The first one I bought was from Artbox around December 2012. My hands were fidgeting to try something new. So when I saw packets hanging beside the till, and I had already purchased some other stuff, I grabbed the most difficult one and built it on the same night!

This is a cool Grand Piano. According to one Instagrammer at the time who saw this was surprised I had a white one! ^^ Hers was in black. I guess the white one just came out at that time…
My grand white piano ^_^

After completing this one, I decided to purchase a couple more from eBay… 😀

This is the Elephant one. The nose and ears keep coming off and I constantly have to rebuild it!! This was ok to make. Not too hard. The nose is difficult to keep on…!!
Be careful when making the ears and nose… and the tusks… quite difficult to keep on!

Nanoblock elephant

From a different angle

And this is the Panda one, which I completed in about 45 minutes. This was hard for sure. So many layers! ^_^ I think this is my favourite animal nanoblock so far!
A difficult nanoblock to make…

My favourite animal!

Panda nanoblock

From the behind XD

Both the elephant and panda are my favourite animals, and surprisingly (well not really) I have two figurines of an elephant and a panda on my desk at work!

I got another one from Artbox a while back… This is the Japanese Tree Frog, which I made before the panda actually, and this one is easy! Definitely not the hardest.
Japanese Tree Frog Nanoblock

So easy to make!

Those eyes are staring at me!

In Hyper Japan, I purchased two more as they were on discount. Yay! … 

This is a Japanese gate called a Kaminarimon which means “thunder gate”. I bought this one for £10! Mega discount! It’s usually around £15 or more… This one was the most difficult nanoblock to make out of all the ones I bought!!! The base was the hardest to get through, and I had to stop because I was so tired whilst making it… and then I finished it within another 2 hours… Total time: ~3 hours!!
Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)

From the back

On the night I made this gate, I decided to take one of my LEGO toy figures which I bought last year in LEGOLAND, (the rest I gave away, and I have no idea why I saved this one)… It came in handy for this post though! 😀 See how small this gate is!

Japanese warrior on top of the Kaminarimon

That gate is too small!

This one is Bender from Futurama! It’s not actually from the original company Kawada, but from a Chinese “copycat” company called LOZ. The pieces are a bit tough and not as smooth or as easy to play with as the ones from Kawada… 


From the back

And finally, I saw a minion at Hyper Japan, and I really wanted it, so I purchased this one on ebay, and made it. 😀 This one is also from LOZ. It took me longer to make than expected… Over two hours to be exact. I was texting, dropping pieces on the floor and watching TV all at the same time… And I got really stuck on instructions 10-12 because it’s not really clear how to make that minion’s goggle.. 

My minion nanoblock… it took me 2 hours to make 😦

From the back

Nanoblock is a bit expensive, but they are fun to play with if you have small hands and have loads of spare time (use tweezers if needed)! I recommend buying them off from ebay. And I think in American toy stores (I saw some in Macy’s in Dallas) they were quite cheap! So shop around! Go to a lot of Japanese events too to find them!!

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