O2 Be More Dog adverts

You know what? I knew I was missing an advert blogpost! 

I saw this a few weeks ago around London (and the various ad posts are getting a bit popular now or making their way around London). O2 are campaigning for something different. They are trying to make their new and old O2 customers change with, I guess, their new price plans, their upcoming use of 4G and other plans that they have in store for their customers… But is it selling to you? (Not to me really)… And are you that daring person who would change price plans for the better (or for the worse)…
O2 Be More Dog advert
I actually like their video ad, and I love the daring factor that this cat wants to change into a dog… but really? Would a cat REALLY want to be a dog? Hmmm… that’s a question for a cat to answer. Dogs might be fun and daring, but cats can be calm and sensible, except when they get into a cat fight… My neighbour’s cats are not very clever when it comes to fighting.

I’m not with O2 (except for their broadband service which is moving over to Sky for some reason that I’m not interested in…)…

Is this funny or a not so funny advert? And if you had a cat would you want them to be changed into a dog? (I wouldn’t dare that’s for sure). My brother Mr Stingy said that the ads are stupid!! Hahahaha!!

Well, anyway, check out their fun website: http://bemoredog.o2.co.uk/ 

Be More Dog people!! ^_^

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