Twickenham Stadium… and my tiny invasion at the Korean Festival

Aha! I got to go to Twickenham Stadium to watch some rugby matches on the weekend. I had two sets of tickets for the Worlds 7, and to go both the Saturday games and to the Sunday one (thanks to Groupon UK!), but I only ended up going to the Saturday one as I was tired… I gave the Sunday tickets for Miss Pinky to use and dispose of… Don’t know if she used it!
Twickenham Stadium is not hard to get to. It’s still in the London zone (zone 6 area) so you can still use your oyster and bus pass!! (^_^)b Just get the SW Train services however it’s always packed when there’s a rugby game (and during rush hour!), so get there as early as possible!!
Here’s some pictures of the outside and the inside…
The giant statue outside Twickenham Stadium

Outside the Stadium

Inside from the East Side

One goal post

The other goal post

First match…

World Club 7s 2013

There were so many matches going on. We watched 6 matches and that included the Harlequins!! Yeah!! Some of the games were really good!! The crowd just loved some of it…Unfortunately the stadium wasn’t entirely filled otherwise it would’ve been extremely fun!!

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

Match 5 or 6… lost count!
Lots of people dressed up… I don’t understand the concept of dressing up during a rugby game. I guess it’s just to have fun! (I would be completely embarrassed if I had to do that!)…
People dressed up in front of us

More men dressed up
During half time there was a bit going on… the cheerleaders went by….
The Cheerleaders passing by
And they were playing a game…
Half time game
After half time we left! We were told by Mr Fly who I haven’t seen for over a year and a half, that there was a Korean Festival in Kingston. So Miss Pinky and I hopped on the bus and went to Kingston!!
It was raining when we got there. So we went to find Mr Fly… Then it was back to the Korean Festival when it stopped raining, and to find some food (because I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch!)… Huuuuungry!!
At the Korean Festival!

It rained 😦

Lots of people looking for shelter

Concert band playing
It took a long while for some of the food to come out as they had just run out!! 😦 So we waited and took some pictures.
The food area… had to wait for food!!

Some shopping stands

Awwww. Cute doggies!!

More performing going on
Finally we had food!!
Ebi prawns

Miss Pinky’s fried rice and bbq beef

I got loads of bbq beef!!!

Big serving of yakisoba noodles 😀

I invaded their tent 😀 … not relly!
Then it was back to Mr Fly’s usual pub, The Cocoanut… Miss Pinky played backgammon with him and his father. (I hope Mr Picky isn’t jealous that he didn’t get to join us, heheh)…
Miss Pinky and Mr Fly’s father playing backgammon
And we also stayed for Thai food!! I haven’t had Kai’s Thai food for more than a year!!!!! It’s still as good 🙂
O! Thai food!! Authentic stuff!! 🙂
It was finally time to go home, and I enjoyed my entire day out and all the food I ate!

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