Yo! Burger – is it worth it?

I have been DYING to try out a rice burger for ages! And I mean since I’ve seen them in pictures. So when Yo! Sushi decided to do a limited version of their rice burger called Yo! Burger (costing £8 ¬,¬”), I really wanted to try it out!! (It’s been out for weeks, more than a month, and it’s only now that I’ve just been able to go out and try it!)…
It’s really hard to find a person to go out with. They either have no money to spend, they’re on duty, can’t get away from work so early or just don’t like sushi… So I dined alone. Not ashamed of it. I have started to learn how to dine alone in case friends decided to bail out on me. It’s actually quite fun, as you get to choose the timing of when you want to eat and leave at your own accord… Must do it more often 😀
I ordered the Salmon Yo! Burger which has kimchi in it, and it’s served with nori crackers, pickled salad and misochup (ketchup made with miso apparently!).
My tray of food

As I looked at it, and taking pictures of it, I thought this is so small… plus how the heck am I supposed to eat it?! I felt like I was being served a dinner tray actually ¬,¬ … I’m not in school anymore! (Fact about my geeky life: In all the schools that I went to, I never had food trays with compartments…).

Salmon Yo! Burger from the side view

I couldn’t see the kimchi. I think I saw about 3 pieces of cooked salmon though covered in probably a kimchi sauce. There were courgettes and other vegetables (possibly the kimchi) – I can’t even remember what was in the burger. I tried eating it with a tissue wrapped around it, but it was hard to eat as the rice ‘buns’ were still hot! ¬,¬” In the end I had to stop and eat it layer by layer… The sensible Geek strikes again! o(^_^)O

Bad close up of my Salmon Yo! Burger

The nori crackers were nice, but they just tasted like normal prawn crackers. However the misochup was great stuff! I thought it was a curry sauce at first as it tasted like curry, but I read about it later and it’s actually miso paste made into a ‘ketchup’-like sauce… Tasty stuff!

Hmmm wasn’t too keen on the pickled sides, but I had lots of it in the end.

I also had a few other plates of sushi, fruit and gyoza… Was hungry…

Just added this in… I love sashimi!!

So My Geeky Results! Is it worth it or not worth it? … It’s a YES and a NO, 50-50, half and half… ^_^ You get the point…

YES – it’s worth it just to try it out and if you have a small appetite, but,
NO – it’s not worth it because of the price and size of the burger if you have a bigger appetite! You can get a bigger burger (not a rice burger) in other places for the same price!

In the end I spent £30.10!! Blimey what did I eat?! I went over my budget by £10.10 😦 … Nevermind… Less spending next month then!

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