Limited Edition Pocky from Oyatsu Cafe and a 1000 Yen bar!

Nope. I didn’t forget these. Just too lazy to snack on biscuity and chocolatey things!
At the same time I bought those Cookies and Cream Kit Kats, I bought a 1000 Yen mini chocolate bar, and two limited flavoured Pocky for this summer! Here’s my quick geeky review!!
A 1000 Yen bar. How much is that equivalent to in pounds? £6.51 at the moment!! When I opened it, there was a 10,000 Yen money in it. ^_^

This is a very sweet chocolate with wafer bits inside. Reminds me of something but can’t remember… A wafer biscuit maybe… It’s tasty and light. A bit like Nestlé chocolate but I think this good for a snack! This one is not to share I’m afraid. It also melts really nicely into your mouth too!
If you like coconut, you will like this limited Coconut flavoured Pocky. There’s lots of dessicated coconut covered in chocolate with the biscuit in the middle. There’s also a very strong coconut smell. So if you definitely like coconut, try this one out!!

Oh! The Mango and Pineapple Pocky tastes good! It tastes like flavoured icing covering a biscuit. It has a very sweet taste to it. You can also smell the mango but it tastes of sweet and slightly sour pineapple… Yummy!!

Oyatsu Cafe are still selling them!
And don’t forget to use the coupon code GROCERYGEMS for your discount thanks to @grocerygems 😀
Now I am off to enjoy my bank holiday at the seaside! Hopefully it doesn’t rain for the entire time!!
Have a happy bank holiday people!! ^_^