Bank Holiday Weekend in Ramsgate – Day 2

Wakey wakey! It was a hard night’s sleep on the bed / sofa I was sleeping on, so I woke up before the alarm went off!
Looking outside from our hotel room
We had breakfast at the Travelodge is £7.65 and it’s free for children under 15! (But I think they must be accompanied by an adult). I didn’t take any pictures of the breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, baked beans and toast. I also had a piece of toast with a bit of Marmite just to remind myself why I don’t like Marmite. It’s salty, bitter and not my type of spread. Yuck! 😛
Since it was so early and check out time was 12pm, we went out for a short walk before we headed back home, so we took Miss Pinky to the places we went to the day before.
Master H running towards the sea!

Miss Pinky just sitting there… wasn’t willing to go walking on the beach at first
Master H and I went towards the sea again and we went looking for seashells. 🙂 And Miss Pinky decided to do a short walk and then sit around whilst we looked for more seashells.
Pretty picture of the sea… 
Master H accidentally picked up a dead crab claw (I think the seagulls ate it already) and he got scared… This is another crab shell (not the one that Master H stepped on as he was embarrassed of becoming all shy!!). Hahahaha!!!
Seashells, stones and sand

A crab shell 
We got loads of seashells!!
During low tide we saw a lot of seaweed sitting on top of wet sand. I told Master H the general scientific name of seaweed – algae, and now he keeps saying it! Hah!
Master H walking around the seaweed

The lovely sun was out!
I didn’t remember this statue having a scarf around its neck the day before…!
Where and when did that scarf appear? Was it there all the time?
Finally we went back to the high street, and yes Master H got his £1.99 toy. A miniature Star Wars toy. ¬,¬” Good grief!
Groovy Frog Shop – a little place to shop for toys, manga and stuff

Lights of Ramsgate High Street
It was time to check out, depart the hotel and make our walk to the train station! I took a few pictures along the way…
A brick chair

There’s a Sweeney Todd’s Barbers in Ramsgate!! Awesome!!

Along Station Approach Road… pretty bee on a pretty yellow flower

Oink oink

I have a feeling this butterfly was staring at me when I took this picture O_o

The insects are definitely not camera shy in Ramsgate!

Pretty pink flower

Ramsgate Train Station
We were on a very empty South Eastern Train service, and so Master H made a lot of noise, sang and was taking videos on his iPad!… Very empty service for a Sunday!!
An empty train…
Miss Pinky and I dropped Master H home, and then he went out to play with his friends… So much energy one child can have… And then I headed home…
End of Day 2 and, of my Bank Holiday holiday!! Yay!! (I have another short holiday coming up without Miss Pinky and Master H… and I can’t wait!!).

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