M&M’s Bitesize Cookies and More EXTRA Chewing Gum!

There’s an old Victorian style sweet shop in Ramsgate! It’s called Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and I’ve never been in an old looking sweet shop before. It felt like being in a Harry Potter scene… ^_^ (Check out my pictures in this post)… So what did I buy? I bought three items…
EXTRA chewing gum and M&M’s Bite Size Cookies
First thing that caught my eye were these M&M Bitesize Cookies. These are definitely mini cookies which taste like normal chocolate chip cookies, but there’s a candy shell sweet taste to it – as you would expect with M&M’s being in a cookie. There were only 8 pieces of mini cookies in the packet, and cost 99p. There’s nothing too special about them, and I’m sure a lot of people can bake these… Wished I had a bigger version of it! Was a bit disappointed with these really… 😦
Only 8 pieces in the packet!
The second item is the Apple Pie EXTRA Dessert Delights chewing gum costing £1.49. Expensive! I liked the other flavours that I bought from Dallas, and so I wanted to try out a couple more… This one tastes a bit like apple pie. It has a very sweet taste to it and you can taste the “crust” flavouring. There’s a bit of an apple sour taste. It’s probably not my type of flavour, but it tastes ok if you like Apple Pie!!
Extra Dessert Delights – Apple Pie Flavour

The packaging

The chewing gum
The third item I bought was the Sweet Tropical EXTRA Fruit Sensations chewing gum also costing £1.49. This one is right up my alley! Once you open the plastic wrapper there’s an instant tropical fruit smell. It tastes a bit sour but I don’t mind! I do like sour things to be honest, just not sour apples. 🙂 It has a long-lasting taste to it too!
EXTRA Fruit Sensations – Sweet Tropical Flavour

Funny packaging

The chewing gum
There’s over 90 Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe stores in the UK! And there’s one in Finchley, London too! I think I need to pop up to North London some time soon!! XD
Website: http://www.mrsimmsoldesweetshoppe.co.uk/ (I don’t think they sell these products on their Internet site 😦 too bad!)….

4 thoughts on “M&M’s Bitesize Cookies and More EXTRA Chewing Gum!

  1. That Apple Pie gum sounds awesome. I've only tried the Rainbow Sherbet Dessert Delights but I was amazed at how many flavours there are and how come Extra from the USA lasts so much longer than the rubbish we get in the UK!?


  2. LOL. There's loads of flavours! Definitely need to pop up to North London on one of these weekends and find some more flavours! No idea why the UK ones never last long… There's a weakness of tastebuds over here! Heheheh


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