Milka Caramel (German version)

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but after reading Kev’s review of the Polish version, I had a look at mine and thought, this is different! I got these as a present from the family I’m going to visit later (and you’ll hear about them soon). The husband of that family came to London to visit back in May (of this year), and I had this bar of chocolate since then. I left it in my office for a bit, and then started eating it very slowly (I have quite a few snacks to get through…)… And I’ve finished it at last!
Milka Caramel (German Version)
I had only eaten two-thirds of it. I am a slow chocolate eater, and as you can see the chocolate is practically melting! Actually I ate those Belgian Smartie chocolates quite quickly. I guess they have to have a certain taste and texture for me to eat them in one or two days! This German design looks a little different to the Polish one…
My melting Milka Caramel bar
The German version seems to have less caramel. Or maybe the caramel has set hard… not sure what that is surrounding the caramel…
Not a lot of caramel…
The chocolate is quite sweet, and there is a slight aftertaste to it. Not really into Milka chocolate, but at least I gave this one a try! The taste of it reminds me of that Rolo bar I had a while back… Eeew.
What is that surrounding the caramel?
Overall I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s interesting how European countries change their packaging design, taste and appearance of the “same” chocolate!