Marseille, France – Day 2: Sortie en Famille

Sunday 8th September

Day 2 started a little early. I think I woke up around 8. It was a little hard to sleep because of the wind and rain, but I was alive and kicking! Breakfast consisted of a few pieces of brioche and mini dried toast with butter and jam. ^_^
Bonjour Sausset-Les-Pins

A pear tree

Pomegranate Tree

Sunday was a family day out. More of a touristy day out for me although I’ve been to Marseille before with Mr and Mrs Travels and their two girls two years ago. It was a longer visit last time, and I got to see more of the city centre, the train station and other bits and pieces… I will post some pictures from back then at the end of this post…

This time, since on Sunday, shops and places close early, we went to a market. We were originally going to go to one nearby but because of the rain the night before it was cancelled. 😦 The market they wanted to go to is like a boot sale, but the one we went to had a few market stalls selling fruits, veg, clothes etc., etc. I would say it’s like a very tiny version of East Street Market… I didn’t buy anything there… And neither did my second family…

A market in Marseille

Loads of garlic and tomatoes!!

Mr Travels and I were observing the rotating chicken, heheh

So much fruit and veg!!

Massive watermelons!

So many different types of figs

Tiny aubergines

A street in France

So off we went to to a popular site for people who view airplanes at a nearby airport. Not sure which airport we were looking at. Some people were already there looking at planes, and since it was lunchtime, I had a feeling there were some delayed flights… We waited and waited, and we saw a couple of planes land and about 3 take off!! It’s so fun watching them…

Watching planes fly

Then it was off to the beach again. The same one. La Couronne. This time we spent a bit longer at the beach (and unfortunately I got sunburnt, didn’t realise the sun would be so strong that day… still feeling the pain!!).

My feet
Geek dans la France… Geek in France!!

And this time I caught my first jellyfish!! Woohoo!! So proud of myself, heheh. It felt like I was a zoologist examining life objects (wanted to be one when I was quite young, but failed my dream when I did bad in my Biology A-Level, so I did more computing instead – happy I did!) . ^_^

I caught this jellyfish! 😀

Everyone had a good time. And I was very happy as it already felt I had been there for a long time… a real summer holiday feeling!

It was again time to go back for dinner as it was school for the girls the next day… Missy I and Missy S have grown up so quick, and they’ve become really cheeky! Did I tell you they speak French, English and some Mandarin. Missy I is the eldest and better at languages. We got back and we played for an extra hour or less in the swimming pool… I was being the funny auntie in the pool by using two floats as Mrs Travels wanted her girls to wear their arm floats as they hate them, so I did a funny act… I got my confidence back in swimming after not having swam for a very long time!! (Almost drowned in the deep end one time in England, hahahah… never again I thought!)…

Mr Travels was taking pictures of us and even took a picture of the family cat, Princess. She is so beautiful! I want that cat. 😀

Princess The Cat

I took this picture… she is gorgeous!

This is a fig Mr Travels picked from someone’s garden… heheh, I ate it before dinner time and it tasted good!!

Tasty fig

Mrs Travels was cooking that night. And she wanted to cook soup, a pasta soup which her mother-in-law makes from time to time. It was good. Don’t often have this for dinner… Plus we had some leftover pizza from the night before…

Pasta soup

Dinner finished, and I could see the sun about to set, so I said I’m just going upstairs to take a picture of the sunset. My sunset radar works in every country I go to! ^_^

Sunset in Sausset-Les-Pins

The girls had their dessert and went off to sleep. Mrs Travels suggested we go for a walk… and so we walked around Sausset… It was unfortunate my flip flops were making a squeaky sound otherwise we would have walked a bit further…

A small rocky beach in Sausset

Nice lamps

People swimming in the evening sea

Beautiful skyline! – I love this pic!! ❤

So many boats in Sausset

It was a beautiful evening and the day went really fast. Unfortunately I had a hard nights sleep with my sunburn… really painful!! 😦

End of Day 2.

Here’s a few pictures of Marseille – the city part from my last visit two years ago…

In the centre of Marseille in 2011

Love the street art 🙂

Typical French housing… Mr and Mrs Travels back in 2011

St Charles Station in 2011

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