Marseille, France – Day 3: Au Revoir

Monday 9th September
It was again an early start to the day and it was my last day in Marseille. I was in so much pain from the sunburn anyway (started to brown now, yay, it was worth it). Packed my remaining clothes and stuff. My luggage was so light! I bought nothing during the entire weekend. But I did hint to both Mr and Mrs Travels that I needed to buy some snacks to take home (and blog about them… I think they forgot I blogged, so I didn’t mention it to them… nevermind!).
Had a very light breakfast and then it was off to take the girls to school! French schools are obviously different to the English ones. Don’t know how it works in England anymore, but some kids are at the schools really early as their parents go to work and so the gates are closed until the actual opening time in case a child decides to escape. So we waited until Missy I’s (she’s the eldest daughter by the way) school opened. She’s in Year 1… and luckily she doesn’t have to wear school uniform! She’s a cheeky monkey, but a very intelligent cheeky monkey!! Then it was time to drop off Missy S, she’s still in nursery / reception. She talks a lot more than she used to (and bullies me too :P) but she’s not so good in the mornings as her sister is. Both girls take after their mother with fashion, and I have a feeling they are both going to be fashionistas in the future!
After dropping the girls off, Mrs Travels took me along the seafront near the school. The girls are really lucky, they have a place to go to after school and during their lunch break.
Near the sea

Stony beach

Small wave coming towards the shore

We went back to find Mr Travels, and then once again we went back to the seafront and did a little bit of walking… Hahahah!!
Someone walking their dog, Mr Travels took a picture of it

Mr Travels decided to take a picture of me touching the clean sea water ^_^

I took this picture… Marseille City in the distance!
Next it was time to do some supermarket shopping!! Yay!! It was a bit of a drive from the school area, but I didn’t take too long to buy the things I wanted to buy. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but took pictures of the outside… I spent over €40. Still like I’ve got loads of money in my purse… Well that’s my savings / spending money for the rest of the month. ^_^
Entrance to the small shopping centre

Heading into the supermarket

Yummy cakes!!
So, lots of snacks to blog about later!! 😀 Yay!! (Looking forward to eating and drinking them)…
Mr and Mrs Travels dropped me off at the airport early since they had to pick up the girls for their lunch period. Again I had a few tears in my eyes… I hate saying goodbye to old friends / family… T_T 
In Marseille Provence Airport – Terminal 1
I bought a meal in Burger King (my French is bad, and I forgot a lot… I think I need to start talking more French again. Reading is not too bad. Missy I and Miss S think I don’t think I know any French too… Hahahah!!). Anyway, I felt a little bad to the person serving.
My Burger King meal
After I finished eating, a woman came up to me for my receipt… Why does she want my receipt?!! What can it be used for?!!
After a bit, I went to MP2, Marseille Provence Terminal 2, where I sat and waited for check in. I was too early and I had to wait for around 1 pm. It’s a bit different to London airports… At last it was check in time. I queued however there was only one person checking in passengers. How weird. The others went to lunch I guess. I think it was the wrong time to queue as I had three men in front who I think were flying for the first time as they had the wrong type of luggage and one of them had to pay for their luggage fare at another desk. ¬,¬”
Marseille Provence Airport – small Terminal 2

A small cafe in MP2
Luggage passed through. Went pass through security. Then up to the departure lounge. It’s so unfortunate that there’s only one small duty free area, a magazine shop and a cafe. I bought a few more sweets and chocolates, so I spent another €14 something… It was then time to board after 2 pm. The faster you get to passport control before boarding gate the faster you might get a better seat on the plane! That meant I walked as fast as I could, and thankfully I walk fast, because I got a good seat by the window, but unfortunately I had two very talkative women sit next to me… All I could hear was talking, so I stuck my earphones… They talked for 2 hours non-stop!!
Flying somewhere over South France

Fluffy clouds that look like snow

Flying over the English Channel

Flying over dull looking England
Finally we got back to Stansted Airport. Just to let you know it was a rubbish take-off, rubbish landing and that horrible welcoming message again on Ryanair. I walked as quickly as I could to passport control… It’s funny how every time I come back from anywhere, they always ask me where I’m flying back from!! Am I a stowaway, a person with a fake passport or someone pretending to be British? I AM a born and bred British Citizen who happens to be Chinese, I have a birth certificate to prove it!! 😛 The person even checked if my passport was authentic… ¬,¬” Really? Was that necessary?!!
Anyway it was back on the train, and it was a boring trip back to London. I had to bore myself with a couple of people in front talking about relationships (I am cursed with people talking about their bad relationships on public transport)… When I got to Liverpool Street Station, it felt like I was surrounded by cattle. People were pushing and shoving. It’s horrible being there during rush hour on a Monday evening… And it was raining!! 😦 I want to go back to sunny France!!!!!
But I got home safe and sound… Had to go to work the next day… Wished I could’ve stayed longer in Marseille, maybe next time!! ^_^
End of Day 3.

Next trip is in November 2013… yep I’m flying again this year. This time it’s with the family…!!

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