F*** Fashion TV Poster Advert

On my way home from eating in China Town yesterday (will blog about the restaurant next time, as I lost all my pictures, including this one but  I had a backup of this picture, whilst reformatting my phone, and the actual back up of my pictures were erased by Kies software… not funny…)… I spotted this poster whilst I was on the bus!
Spotted under the bridge before Westminster Bridge… how long has it been there?!

Luckily I looked up otherwise I think I would have missed the opportunity… I actually had to get off the bus and walk back to take this picture.

Talk about defaming fashion and icons!! I am astonished really. David and Victoria Beckham, two fashion icons posed for this? They did, kind of, but those words aren’t from them I believe. It took me a while to research and understand about this… As I researched I realised that f***fashion.tv goes to this website theadjacker.is
Reading their mission just made this all look bizarre but also interesting to see what they were trying to accomplish… The third point made me realise what I was feeling!! Outrage!! However they need to correct their grammar on their vision statement… ¬,¬” Mr Bear would be astonished at the bad grammar if he saw this.
From the adjacker.is webpage

So don’t worry, David and Victoria Beckham are still fashion icons, although I wouldn’t buy any of their brands.

Blimey, talk about making people shocked!! 😛

Anybody spot any of these type of poster ads anywhere???