Mooncake Festival 2013

Last year I blogged about mooncakes and very briefly about the Mid-Autumn Festival, so this year I’m going to show you what happens in China Town around this time of year.
The Chinese have so many festivals it’s hard for me to keep up with all of them! Today, once again, is the Mid-autumn Festival / Mooncake Festival where Asian countries worship the moon by gathering together, eat mooncakes, pray and celebrate with lanterns.
In China Town there’s always a smallish gathering, tents set up, singing and other things… I got to see the start of it (before and eating dim sum, heheh) on Sunday 15th… (I didn’t even know this was going to happen!!)
So before I ate dim sum, a singer (don’t know his name) was rehearsing… Sang a bit in Mandarin…
Singer rehearsing

The red lanterns are up

Then after dim sum, I got to see a dragon dance. My video is a little awful…

And then there were introductions from Spectrum Radio host Joseph Wu Pui Sing. My mother used to be a follower of Chinese Spectrum Radio (AM) before they turned digital, and now she can’t be bothered to turn on her laptop (yeah she can browse the net) just to listen to the radio! My mum says every time she goes out to China Town during these special occasions she always see Joseph Wu Pui Sing. I always recognise his voice too!! Heheheh…
Chinese Spectrum Radio Hosts

Representatives of the London Chinese Community I think… (I forgot!!)

We left before the party got going, but there were mooncakes being sold and a girl was dressed like one of those ancient Chinese goddesses… ^_^
Mooncakes being sold on a stall at £4 each!! 

Girl dressed up

Not sure what happened afterwards, but I’m sure a lot of people stayed around to listen to the music and watch loads of other performances… 

中秋節快樂!!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / Happy Mooncake Festival 2013!! ^_^

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