Pom’lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps

Wasabi crisps?! Wow!! I love the French and their amazing flavourings for crisps and other food products. Mr Travels spotted these first as I wanted crisps to take back to London for eating and testing. ^_^ I think they’ve been out for a few years, but how comes the English haven’t imported these over, or am I just blind?!
When I opened up my luggage it was unfortunate (or it may have been destiny) that the wasabi flavoured crisps opened up (I had a feeling that would happen).
Pon’lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps
The back of the packet
So it’s plain crisps coated with wasabi. And the crisps are definitely green… just can’t see it here… but not as green as that on the picture…
Inside the packet
A hint of green… can you see it?
Definitely tastes of wasabi and has a salty taste to it. If you ever find these I dare you to eat several crisps at once… heheheh, you get that wasabi scent going up your nostrils sensation!
I defo recommend this if you like wasabi!! But I don’t recommend you eat them all at once. Gave the rest to Mr Bear to try out (but that meant I had to trek to his office…!! He loved them!!).
Cost €1.05 (that’s about £1, and I kept the receipt this time!!). Heheh. Where can I find a big bag of wasabi crisps (135g bag to be exact) in England for this price?

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