Suchard L’Original (le rocher lait) – Kraft foods

Before I munch away on my final packet of crisps and other stuff from France I wanted to try out this chocolate that Mr Travels introduced to me. He likes snacking like me!! Mrs Travels likes snacking too but more with crisps and Chinese snacks.
7 pieces of big chocolates

Suchard l’original
When I saw this I saw the word le rocher and was thinking is this going to be like Ferrero Rocher?
Once I opened it I could smell chocolatey nuts… Maybe it is like Ferrero Rocher…
Chocolate wrapped in red paper
Or maybe not. This is an entire chocolate piece, and it is actually quite heavy for a chocolate piece! There are little bits of nuts inside too.
Massive chocolate!

It’s all chocolate inside… a bit like a truffle (my teeth marks are showing here!)

Some nutty bits
If you love melt in your mouth chocolate, and you like them sweet and a little nutty, this is the chocolate for you! It’s a bit too much for me but will have another piece before I share it out. 😀
Even Evil Monkey wanted to have a bite! (I will introduce Evil Monkey in another post once I’ve made more 3D origami!).
Evil Monkey wants chocolate!
Cost: €3.86 – expensive chocolate! But this is definitely a must find in France for the chocoholics. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Suchard L’Original (le rocher lait) – Kraft foods

  1. Anonymous

    These are officially the most gorgeous chocolate thing I have ever eaten! I can't recommend them highly enough! Go back to France and bring me more pleeeeeeeeeeease!!Love, Mr Bear x


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