Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool and Haribo Mao Croqui

Have been slacking for a bit haven’t I?!
It’s back to snack blogging again! And here’s some Haribo sweets that I’ve been looking at since I’ve bought them…
I bought this one last minute at the airport. I was intrigued by it. Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool are like massive jelly beans. There’s two colours on the outside, and each sweet has a different flavour to it. Not sure if there’s supposed to be two different flavours in each sweet, if there is, I can’t taste it!
Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool

They’re still in the packet!
I think I can eat this whole packet in one day!! They are so addictive are so colourful!
So colourful

Two colours for every sweet
Cost: Can’t remember, I think it was over €2
Next one is Haribo Mao Croqui. Different to the Bi Cool one. There’s five different flavours in this packet of sweets. Cola, orange, strawberry and apple
Haribo Mao Crocqui

Big pieces of sweets!
They taste quite chewy, a little on the sour side and they have a soft centre inside. These remind me of those strawberry bonbons sweets I used to get in the sweet shop before I went into school… Heheh.
So many cola flavoured sweets

Big sweets
Soft centered…
This packet has a lot of the cola flavoured sweets! Why not more of the other flavours?
Pop over to France to get these! Haven’t seen any of these in the UK yet!!
Cost: I can’t find it on the receipt! I think it’s less then €2 though from the supermarket…