British Airways Poster Ad 2013

Before I move onto the next French snack (don’t actually know what to eat next!) here’s a British Airways poster ad that seems very inspiring.
BA poster ad “To breeze through Heathrow Terminal 5. To Fly To Serve”
I’m not a real big fan of BA. But I love this poster because it looks so grand with an empty airport terminal. Is Terminal 5 really not that busy? I’ve never entered Terminal 5, it’s the only terminal I have never been in at Heathrow.
The only thing is how can we be little kids on little wheels and whizz and “breeze” through Heathrow Terminal 5? I would find it impossible to fit myself in one of those little cars! Hahah. That’s probably just one flaw in their poster… Or are they trying to point out the self check-ins? Not sure really!
Anyway. An encouraging ad from BA even if there is an empty terminal XD… “To fly, to serve” the world!