Barquettes au chocolat et à la noisette – P’tit déli

It’s October 1st! And it’s time to snack (after dinner ^_^”” … not a good geek… heheh)
I’m sure these snacks from P’tit déli have been out in France for ages. These are “trays” of chocolate and hazelnut, and they come in a box of 3 packets of 6 individual trays inside.
Barquettes au chocolat et à la noisette 
The wrapping is nothing special so I didn’t picture it…I can’t see any resemblance to a tray really. ¬,¬”” An oval tray with chocolate in the middle? 
Trays of chocolate and hazelnut
They are like little cakes with chocolate and hazelnut in the middle with a kind of stale outer layer. Not a normal cake! It’s a stale cake! 😀
They are probably good for lunch boxes for kids and these are also one of Missy I’s favourite snack!! A very addictive type of kid snack. I think I will take one to work tomorrow. XD
Cost: €0.63 Wow so cheap!! That’s about 60p for a box like that!!