Pom’lisse Bolognaise Flavour Crisps

The Geek has been slacking a bit… Yeah I know… I blame 3D origami taking too much of my time… Plus Candy Crush…  XD But I couldn’t resist any longer!! I have been staring at these crisps forever!
I saw this flavour in the supermarket and thought that it was quite interesting. Bolognaise flavour. Who would have thought of that?! The French of course. Heheh.
Pom’lisse Bolognaise Flavour
Well these taste a little beefy with a bit of a tomato taste, and also a slight onion taste to it, but it’s rather salty to my liking, even though I actually quite like it! 
Same colour as it is on the packet  XD
There’s nothing like a different flavour, but there’s nothing too special about them. Just bring more flavours to the UK!!
Cost: €0.85 for a 135g packet – Gosh. I need to go to France more often!!