Kiwi Cake (Dan Cake) and Napolitain Cake (LU Kraft Foods)

Cake is my weakness. But it has to be an awesome cake. Nothing too light and nothing too heavy.
I bought these two cakes in France out of interest really. Kiwi flavoured cake? I don’t think I have seen this flavour before… Oh and it’s actually from Denmark! Should’ve known it wasn’t French! ¬,¬”” It’s from a company called Dan Cake.
Kiwi Cake

Chocolate covered cake
Had two pieces of it, and it was quite a disappointment. The chocolate was ok, but I couldn’t taste much of the kiwi. Just an ordinary madeira type of cake… Boring!! ¬,¬
Had two slices!! (One was a big one)…
Cost: €1.54
The next cake is a Napolitain cake. Yeah I know, we get this in the UK too. But this is different. It’s French with more taste to it than you think! Ooooh. This is very chocolatey in taste, and I could eat the whole thing in one go… Yikes!! Well, I wouldn’t be that  greedy really. 😀
Napolotain cake

Wrapped in foil packaging

 This one is from Kraft Foods, and I always love their food!!

Really like this cake!
Cost: €2.17
Out of the two cakes, I would eat more of the Napolitain one… Maybe because it’s French! XD