The rest of the Chocolate and Drinks from France

Time for a break from 3D origami… This will be the last post on the foods and drinks from France – a basic round up.
First are the drinks.
I love coffee. But I can’t drink too much of it, coz otherwise I can’t sleep and I become too hyper-ish. Caffeine kills! This is probably the cutest, and smallest packet of filter coffee that I have ever seen from Maison de Café!! It’s called le petit café (small coffee). Filter coffee is actually very cheap in France, and it’s very popular for them to sell them in big packets. I envy the French. Why can’t the UK make coffee cheaper?! It always frustrates me when I have to buy filter coffee which can cost from £3 to £6, and sometimes then don’t taste that good… Well this one is actually from The Netherlands (I think) but the packing is in French… It’s very compact, and because I only drink filter coffee once in a blue moon, this was perfect for me!  This has a very intense smell as it says on the packet, and tastes like normal filter coffee…
Maison de Café Intense coffee

So much ground coffee in one little packet!!

Coffee for the coffee addict geek XD

Cost: €2.92

The UK sells concentrate juice, but the French sell syrup! It’s very popular over there. But I don’t know why I chose this lemon flavour from the company Frucci. Maybe because it was one of the cheapest flavours in the supermarket. This already has sugar in it… so it’s basically sweet lemon juice. I like it, and I think I can make lemon tea with this! ^_^
Frucci – Lemon syrup

Very lemon-y

Tastes lemon-y!!

Cost: €1.65


Now the chocolate!! ^_^

This one I bought at the airport. It’s NUTS from Nestlé… I looked at it and thought this is probably going to be like a Snickers bar… I was so wrong. It’s like a Mars bar but there wasn’t a lot of the caramel as shown in the picture! Instead there’s a lot of hazelnut in it… Not bad for a chocolate bar. It’s also very sweet…
Nestlé Nuts – comes in a packet of 3

Singular bar

It’s very nutty inside… Not enough caramel though…

Cost: Can’t remember – lost the receipt


Lait chocolat (milk chocolate) from Tablette d’Or is like a normal milk chocolate bar. There’s nothing to special about it, apart from the taste. It has this raisin like taste to it, and I actually quite like it. It’s not too sweet and I think I could’ve ate the whole bar in one go (I haven’t though…)… This came in a packet of two in the supermarket! Was quite happy with that and gave the other bar to a colleague who loves chocolate! 🙂
Tablette d’Or – lait chocolat

A very ordinary chocolate bar!

Cost: €1.67 (for 2 bars)


Next is this Milka Oreo bar. Who made this first? Cadbury or Milka? I think it was Cadbury, but I could be wrong. It tastes like the Cadbury one, well, all I could taste was the Oreo. Nothing too special about this one…
Milka Oreo

Yummy Oreo

Cost: €2.31 (for 2 bars)


But this next Milka bar which I also bought at the airport is definitely unique! Milka and TUC? Chocolate and cheese biscuits?!!! What?!! Definitely different and definitely tasty too… I would never have thought of joining the two products together really. This is something I am quite surprised about…. ^_^ I like!!
Milka TUC

Interesting concept of chocolate and cheese biscuits XD

Cost: lost the receipt from the airport!!


Last item is this Mikado King Choco stick! Wow. They are just like the normal ones but just a little bit bigger…Are these in the UK yet? Probably not. I just can’t understand why the UK is always LATE at getting the best food item. Are we (not me ¬,¬””) just picky eaters?

Mikado King Choco

Big stick!

Cost: €1.37

I think I would love to see more European products in the UK. Especially the coffee… 😀 What do you say peeps?!

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