More Interesting Poster Ads

The Geek is too lazy, so I’m writing another summary of poster ads that I’ve seen recently around London…
After seeing those Anchor Butter posters (which were awesome by the way), Flora is following pursuit with their own cartoon like poster. It is mega cute and Flora is one of the best butters after Anchor… ¬,¬
FLORA poster advert

After seeing this car ad would you buy it not knowing it was a Mercedes-Benz? I probably wouldn’t. It’s all photoshop in this ad. Embossed so much that the car probably doesn’t even look like what it’s supposed to be. Not my favourite car advert I’m afraid… Quite boring in fact!

Mercedes-Benz poster advert

Ah now, this is an interesting poster ad from Panadol, the painkiller! I actually saw the bus stop version, but they’ve taken those out and I can’t see anymore of those. But this one is everywhere! I love their pun, “Waiting is for traffic lights not for pain relief”. The bus stop one made me giggle more than this one. Don’t know why, but I rarely see ads for pain relief tablets.

Panadol poster advert

Have you been around the Waterloo area recently? Or maybe in other areas of London? At the moment you will see these poster ads from Lloyds Bank. They are doing a major advertising campaign it seems. Barclays and Natwest have already released theirs earlier last month, but Lloyds has been more noticeable and more interesting! Looks like they’re trying to win over the British customers. But who can trust banks these days? Anyway, I love their campaign, it makes a difference to the other banks!! Fewer words the better!!

Lloyds Bank poster advert

And last but not least is this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear poster ad. To me it’s incredible. Such few words, a picture of a mans hand with the Note 3 and the Gear on his wrist. You just know what it’s about. And I just completely love it!! A picture that says it all!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear poster advert

Can’t wait to see more posters since it’s already coming up to Christmas… I also can’t wait to do this years international Christmas ads!! ^_^