Japan Matsuri 2013

As I was looking for the new Japan Centre on Saturday I somehow stumbled across a Japanese event of which I had no clue about was happening! Thankfully my bus ended its journey at Trafalgar Square and so I went to have a look at what was happening!
This was an event called Japan Matsuri, and I’m not sure how many times it has appeared in the UK… I think Trafalgar Square has becoming the gathering site for all cultures in London recently. No matter what event there is, it always happens there! A matsuri is a holiday or festival and I think from reading from the website it’s to combine the UK and Japanese relations.
Japan Matsuri Stage

There were a lot of people in Trafalgar Square!

People drawing manga on a board
Anyway, there was a big stage where people dressed up and did a catwalk…
The stage from where I got off the bus


Side view
There were many, many food stalls. I didn’t try out any of them since so many people were queuing up for the food (and I already had my breakfast that morning!), but if I had known, I think I would have skipped breakfast and had gone to Trafalgar Square ASAP! ^_^

Lots of food stalls

More food stalls

Even more food stalls!!!
Here’s a cute stall! A lot of people were surrounding it, and I tried to get a good picture of it…
Family fun stall

Kawaii stuff!!
There was an origami stall too, and there were people there hard at work making lots of things…
Origami stall

Person hard at work making origami 
There were also people dressed up…
Some traditional Japanese clothing

Dressing in cosplay
And there was going to be a lot of performances. I tried to get a video, but then a gigantic 6 foot something guy just stood in front of me!! How frustrating!!
It was time to leave, and I made my way towards the new Japan Centre in Shaftesbury Avenue.

Will be prepared for next year!! ^_^