New Japan Centre – 19 Shaftesbury Avenue

Oh boy, another move! Why??!! I wish it stayed in its original location, but unfortunately there’s a project going on.
Now the new Japan Centre has moved to a new location. It’s now on 19 Shaftesbury Avenue. It’s practically right next door to GAP and next door to one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants.
Outside the new Japan Centre
For those who have lived in London for a very long, long time like me, it’s the place where many artists sit along the street and paint a lot of portraits of people passing by. I think my brother was grabbed once (when we were young) by an artist to get his portrait done, but my mother refused! Hahaha!! You’ll still see the artists sitting outside drawing furiously and looking for customers at the same time!!
Artists being hard at work!
There is a big sign for Japan Centre, and they have a little eatery area too (I preferred the previous location where it was inside).
There is an escalator that takes you up to the first floor, but unfortunately I had to walk up because the escalator wasn’t working at the time. Oh well, a bit of exercise won’t kill me!
The escalators
It is now one big shop floor. Sorry for the blurry pictures. Was trying not to get in people’s way.
One big shop floor
It was a bit dark on end
The book section
Some bento stuff was on the table
I felt as if there wasn’t enough stock so I didn’t buy a lot, and the sushi was limited, otherwise I may have just gone on the wrong day as it was Japan Matsuri… I’ll have another visit and hopefully they’ll be lots of stuff next time!!
Address: 19 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 7ED

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