IKEA Taiwan Advert for 2014

I can’t seem to get this IKEA advert from Taiwan out of my mind . It’s so strange! IKEA adverts worldwide are getting stranger and stranger! But this probably better than the recent UK one we had which scared the life out of everyone…
In this video, the daughter is asking why can’t she invite any of her friends over to her home, and then the mother explains that their place is just too small. The door bell rings and this elderly man enters their home and said he was there to get rid of the monster… He became a monk / exorcist and got rid of a toy snake!! The mother asks what did he get rid of? And the monk replies he got rid of the snake. And then somehow two IKEA magazines popped into the hands of the parents… OMG. It’s a strange advert.

How does IKEA in general come up with these adverts?! That’s my main question…

For one thing this is an advert for 2014, so it means to get rid of the Snake year (which we are in right now) and into the Horse year… But as I keep saying it is a very strange advert.

Solution: Use IKEA to get proper storage ideas in the household I guess!!

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